Those Awful 'No Sue' Clauses, In Plain English

The gist of many big company's new "No Sue" clauses are that you can't sue them, but beyond that, aarrggghh, there's so much legal wish-wash it makes your head spin.

So thank you, website EULAgony, for translating them into something we can understand.

The site, whose name is a play on the term EULA (End User licence Agreement, or the actual things you're signing), takes the legal tomes of publishers like Microsoft, EA and Sony (as well as Blizzard, Valve and Facebook) and either paraphrases or spells out each clause in regular terms, not those that need to be deciphered by someone with a legal background.

It's kind of funny, then, but also very useful.

EULAgony [EULAgony]


    Now THIS is a bookmark!
    Thanks Luke (use the force).

    Poor Sue, she always misses out.

    except a company cannot do away with legislation via a contract and therefore the no sue clause doesnt work in Australia.

    Yeah the ACL's protect australian consumers from contracts or agreements that unfairly disadvantage one party to the contract... so not a problem in Australia.

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