Tim Cahill Destroys His Everton Teammates At FIFA 12

I'm a bit of a fan of the old 'soccerball', and I'm also a bit of a closet Everton fan — mainly because they have a history of featuring Scottish players in their team and having Scottish managers — so I really enjoyed this. The vid stars 'the greatest Australian player who ever lived'™ Tim Cahill wrecking shop on FIFA 12 against his Everton teammates.

I think the cool thing about this video is that it's not a group of stars glibly pretending to play something completely alien to them, they actually seem to be proper FIFA fans, and they know what they're doing. Particularly Cahill, who uses the old 'I just play it with the kids' excuse.


    Mark Schwarzer is the greatest Aussie player who ever lived.


    or Mark Schwarzer.

      HARRY, HARRY KEWELLLLL - Tonight is his night. Never thought I'd be saying anything of this nature on Kotaku.

    He's alright, but he never played for the Villa!

    Cahill by far is the best!

    VIDUKA for me. Poise, technique, strength.

      He was class. He should've played at a bigger club than Nooocastle!

    I think we should, for one time only, defer to Noel Gallagher for this one. To paraphrase "I just want to slap Tim Cahil in the facel. Don't you think he has one of those faces that's just so slappable?"

    What a horrible time of the year to be an Everton fan. The transfer window is about to open. No hope of signing anyone, and just trying to hold on to your youngsters.

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