Time To Justify Giant Breasts And Panty Shots

Some video games have exploding heads. That evokes criticism. Other games have giant breasts and panty shots. Likewise, people get upset. Skullgirls developer Reverge Labs is here to pass out the chill pills.

Skullgirls is an all girl-on-girl 2D fighting game. Skullgirls roster features characters like Valentine, a nurse ninja; the demon-haired Filia; a girl who wears hulking arms for a hat, Cerebella; and zombie cutie Squigly.

"Our characters are strong, powerful women who happen to be attractive," Reverge lead designer Peter Bartholow told Eurogamer. "None of the characters use their sexuality in any aggressive way. It's just a thing they happen to be."

As previously posted, Skullgirls is the work of Reverge Labs and the spawn of artist Alex Ahad and programmer Mike Zaimont. Zaimont, or Mike Z as he's known in fighting game circles, is a tournament competitor, well versed in the 2D fighting styles of BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, and Marvel Vs Capcom 2.

"All the people who seem bothered by it are guys."

The issue of the character's appearance has followed the game. Bartholow recalled an incident at this year's Gamescom in Germany in which a gamer came up to him, only to call the Skullgirls sexist. "I'm like, did you know our lead animator is a woman? Then he's like, that's amazing," the designer said. "It's like I gave him the excuse to think it was OK all of a sudden, or to admit he liked it."

According to Bartholow, the animator "intentionally lavishes attention on the breasts herself because she thinks it's cool."

The panty flashes, he added, are the result of short skirts. Naturally, if girls were fighting in skimpy duds, they'd show their underpants. What's more, if they were fighting other girls, they probably wouldn't care about showing their underwear.

"All the people who seem bothered by it are guys," he continued. "It's a weird chivalry intent thing that's sort of misplaced and maybe shallow, even, because they see breasts and panty flashes and they go, that's sexist, but I've yet to meet a woman who has complained about it. They're over-thinking it."

Skullgirls will be out next year, high kicks and all.

Skullgirls Sexism Complaints Are Misplaced and Shallow Chivalry [Eurogamer]


    That's all fine and it's good they at least addressed it and I'm in noway a fan of censorship.

    but just read pretty much every comment on this..


    sometimes it just feels like fuel to a very crap fire.

      What a cesspool of human misery.

    Mindless... If they don't want to see women exposed in such away then they should incite that it's indecent and not sexist.

    While it's not the case for everyone out there, my personal experience has shown that the majority of people actually enjoy a bit of fan service - girls included. I honestly believe if you survey a bunch of girls who play games and asked if they would prefer to see muscle hulking men beating the piss out of eachother, or beautifully animated jiggly girls fighting, the majority will choose the jiggly girls.

    There are obviously other cases where fan-service goes way too far and almost becomes derogatory, but this is done tastefully in a way i think everyone can enjoy.

    And come on, who doesn't love boobs.

      I'm a girl (and trans, fwiw) and I do enjoy fan service, of both genders.

      What drives me absolutely bonkers is the things promoted as sexy that bear no resemblance to reality. Mostly, this comes into play with every guy's (And many fellow lesbians'!) favorite thing, breasts.

      There is a tumblr out there called something like 'breastdontworkthatway' and I love it, because it is so true. So many things passed of as sexy are just painful to look at. Have you ever talked to someone with size DD or (As my poor ex had) HH breasts?

      It's agony. It is a lifetime of back issues and injury, and guys drooling over How Great They Are while you are squirming in pain.

      I thank the gods I am only a pleasant comfortable C. Enough to be there and be enjoyable. But my wife borders on the painful and our ex needs reduction surgery badly, but insurance never covers it so being lower-income (Minium wage at best) she will never be able to.

      It's the fetishisation of unrealistic and frankly impossible depictions of 'sexy' that drive many of us mad. Likewise, when you see a fantasy book/game/movie where the guys have this lovely armor covering all their vital bits, and the girls have (metal if they are lucky) bikinis.

      Sexy doesn't have to be stupid! And many of us appreciate fan service when it's done well, it's just lazy to do it so badly.

      There are other issues than this one, mind you. But this it the one I choose to be harpy about for tonight!

      Personally, given a choice between 'pretty' and 'ugly' I will choose pretty. But what about 'attractive but normal'? I choose that most often! There is a whole world of people to emulate. :)

    That's a very average justification by the game designer. I preferred Steve's rant in Coupling:


    Why not just be honest about it? Big boobs = sex appeal. Pantie flashes = sex appeal. Anything less is just BS and anyone with half a brain knows it.

    “Our characters are strong, powerful women who happen to be attractive,”
    "It’s just a thing they happen to be.”

    Oh cut the crap would ya? It's just a thing they were DESIGNED to be. But really, who cares?

      Actually, if a woman is given the option to play as an attractive woman or a not so attractive woman, they will usually pick the attractive woman.
      All that attractive girl hating only happens against woman who are real and pose a threat.
      I'm not offended by the breasts at all and sometimes they provide a good giggle. DOAX2 was hilarious because their breast engine was so wrong.

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