Tony Hawk's HD "Probably" Won't Have The Original Soundtracks

The best thing about the first two Tony Hawk games, better than the games themselves, were their soundtracks. They were amazing. If you were hoping some of those standout tracks would be in the upcoming HD re-release, though, don't get your hopes up.

Activision community man Dan Amrich has posted a lengthy primer on the issue on his blog, explaining that while the tracks could make it, they probably won't.

Playing Tony Hawk 2 levels without Anthrax and Mos Def will feel strange. And not the good kind of strange, either. The bad kind.

What will be on the THPS HD soundtrack? [One of Swords]


    Slow motion on a skating game.. not sure if I agree

    I was totally expecting Call of Tony Hawk, FPS(First Person Skater) Military Edition where you must defeat the Russian Ultanationalist once again by blind siding each one in the winner takes all in the corridor racing competition.

    But I got my hopes up to high like I have with expecting all songs from the original will make it in the HD remake. This is signs that they are having issues with royalties with song owner and most likely considering this is a HD remake designed to be cheap and profitable I doubt they will bother.

    Call of Tony Hawk: Modern Skating?

    Shut up and take my money!

    Fortunately, you'll still be able to get the original music in game - simply gather the MP3s and play them with the 360/PS3's music players while you're gaming.

    I do it already for random games, there's very little that can't be improved by those awesome soundtracks

    Seriously the soundtracks or lack thereof are a big factor in whether or not I'll end up buying this when it comes out. If they put some kind of new crap music in there and call it a new feature I'm gonna say pass. At that point I'll only be downloading it if it goes on Uber-sale or something down the road.

    The soundtrack was what made those games for me and my friends. We preferred the gameplay of Grind Session, but the soundtrack in Tony Hawk kept us stuck on it.

      Soundtrack does not equal game play.

        No... but in this case it really enhanced the feeling of being a skater. The sound track will be missed :(

        You're correct. Gameplay does not equal Soundtrack. I didn't make the case that it did.

        My friends and I preferred the actual gameplay of Grind Session, a different game entirely. *But* because the soundtracks for THPS and THPS2 were so truly amazing and utterly superior to Grind Session it trumped and we would play those games instead.

        Not really even saying the gameplay in THPS was 'bad' either, we just preferred the style of Grind Session... I feel like I'm over-explaining something that's not very complex. I'm going to stop now. :-P

    As long as "Jerry was a racecar driver" is on there, I don't give a shit.

      +1 as soon as I saw this article that song came into my head haha

    As long as they trim each track to just over two minutes. Didn't realise that there was only half of "Superman" by Goldfinger in the game until I bought the album!

    In other words: "Half of what was good about the game will NOT be in there. Sorry guys!"


    I enjoy soundtracks to games (Burnout 3) for example, but to think that everything from the game was going to be brought back was abit of wishful thinking, especially when music licensing is involved.

    The thing is, most people back then would have sourced out their favourite songs and have probably bought the album, etc... and as most games have custom soundtracks nowdays whether or not they can get the same songs is irrelevant.

    Honestly, if they happen to get a few songs then great, but I would be looking forward to some of the new songs which could give me the same feeling all over again. I was introduced to one of my favourite bands ever through a video game and I can guarantee I would've never heard of them if I didn't.

      How can you say you found your favorite band and not mention the band or game!

        The tease factor, I was fishing for a comment like this... :p

        Band : Freezepop
        Game : Frequency (PS2)
        Song : Science Genius Girl

        They will never tour out here, so I will have to look at organising an O/S trip to see them play live.


    guess i'll just have to play the cd in the background.....

    Crazy Taxi on dreamcast had great offspring songs, then later on with everything else, had awful random songs :| ruined the game for me

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