Trading Places

This is Trading Places, where we collate the trade in deals currently available at the big three specialist games retailers in the country. If you have games to trade and you want to get the best deal possible, this is a pretty good place to start.

But first, a quick disclaimer — these trade-in prices will change from day to day. Also, today's Trading Places is a bit different. Due to massive pre-owned sales taking place at retailers like GAME, trade prices won't be as competitive as usual (and you probably won't get a great deal if you trade-in right now), so we're only displaying hardware trade values.

PS3 120 GB GAME: $175 EB: $155

PS3 160 GB GAME:$200 EB: $185

PS3 250 GB GAME: $215 EB: $200

PS3 320 GB GAME: $235 EB: $215

XBOX 360 Elite 120 GB GAME: $140 EB: $130

XBOX 360 Elite 250 GB GAME: $160 EB: $150

XBOX 360 S 4 GB GAME: $140 EB: $120

XBOX 360 S 250 GB GAME: $250 EB: $230

Wii (Resort) GAME: $52 EB: $47

Nintendo DSi GAME: $80 EB: $70

Nintendo DSi XL GAME: $125 EB: $110

Nintendo 3DS GAME: $130 EB: $110


    Yeah, as expected, EB gives you less despite being a larger company.

      I was going to hate EB Games like you ... then I took an arrow in the knee.

    Thats always the case, they're overpriced and also have the lowest trade in value. I wanted to get Dead Island a while ago and it was sold out in every store within my local shopping complex except for the EB Games. They then refused to price match because they said they cant price match sold out games. I explained that it was still available in other stores in the same state but the guy didn't wanna budge. So I ended up driving the 15 minutes down the road and got a copy from the store I was price matching against.

    Electronics' Boutique actually started off as great store, ova here. GAME was always a major rip-off, though their prices were the lowest in my area for awhile, they also had the highest trade value, for awhile. GameTraders is the best store in Australia (it is Australian), though they are forced to charge higher prices than the foreign stores. So, E.B. and GAME are working together to put GameTraders out of business, just like they wiped out all the family owned stores in my area, like Hi-Tech World...

      Ha ha!! GAME and EB working together?!? Put the weed down and move away fom the screen......

    Wow. I'm actually writing an article right now comparing the two companies in the way they sell games.

    Is it alright if I use a link to this article, Tracey?

    "Due to massive pre-owned sales taking place at retailers like GAME, trade prices won’t be as competitive as usual (and you probably won’t get a great deal if you trade-in right now), so we’re only displaying hardware trade values."

    WOW. Kotaku = Hey EB have better trade value's right now, lets not show them and instead show console trade values.

    So GAME have actually decided not to lose money for once and drop their trade values because of their preowned sale. LOL

    Just proves the 100% hate Kotaku show EB Games.

      So for once EB might have better trade prices. They still have the same old game prices though, which are typically higher than GAME. Frankly, prices and trade values aren't the biggest deciding factor when deciding to shop with GAME or EB. It's how you are treated as a customer and GAME always exceeds in customer service compared to EB.

    Just buy from JB Hi-Fi instead who dont try to rip off people like Eb by pricing new games $110.00 automatically to rip on people who dont do any research

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