Two Heartfelt Love Letters From The Mass Effect Universe

Here's a treat for Mass Effect fans. If you've played Mass Effect 2, you'll know that at some point, you run into an old friend from Mass Effect 1 on the colony of Horizon, who depending on how things play out, leaves you a heartfelt letter upon your departure.

It's a nice touch for those who care enough about the game's story to bother reading and digesting, but it's even nicer when the voice actors involved go to the trouble of reading those letters out.

Both Raphael Sbarge, who plays Kaidan, and Kimberley Brooks, who plays Ashley, have recorded in-character readings of the letter, which you can check out above, and Brooks' especially is perfect.

Surprise for Mass Effect fans from Raphael Sbarge and Kimberly Brooks [FanGeek]


    as much of a mass effect fan that i am, i couldnt listen to these. i like mass effect, not the notebook

    There damn well better be a conclusion to the ME1 romance arc after keeping my flame burning for Kaidan right throughout ME2.

      Who are you and why are you using my Kotaku name?

        Lol, I forgot how lame and christian ashley's character is. Lol, so laaaame :D

        Who are both of you using my Kotaku name?

    No homo love? :(

    Kaiden on the other hand, is boss. :D

    Well, isn't that lovely. Makes me feel bad dropping Kaidan for Thane in ME2. Christ, I really hope ME3 will let me get back together with him.

    Gimme gimme a Garrus love letter :3

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