UFC Undisputed 3 Predicts The Outcome Of Brock Lesner vs Alastair Overeem

UFC Undisputed 3 Predicts The Outcome Of Brock Lesner vs Alastair Overeem

I like UFC. I like watching men beat each other up. I can’t help it. I also think the UFC Undisputed series does a great job of representing the sport’s multiple disciplines in an efficient, well rounded way. The fight I’m currently most excited about is Brock Lesner vs Alastair Overeem — a match which pits a world class wrestler against one of the best heavyweight strikers in the world. Now the developers at Yuke’s have created a simulation of the fight — the outcome? It’s almost too close to call…

Here are some of the notes from the simulation…

– 25 simulated matches. 13 won by Overeem, 12 by Lesnar – Lesnar attempted a total of 287 takedowns (11.5 per fight) – Lesnar and Overeem “rocked” each other an equal amount of times in the 25 bouts. – Lesnar won two bouts via arm triangle. – 92% (12 of 13) of the bouts Overeem won were by knockout.

Just for the record, I think Overeem will take it.


  • I was under the impression that he wouldn’t be in this game. I’m reading that he will be DLC, i guess he was added later into the roster.

    I’ve got Lesnar winning by ground and pound.

  • I’d have to say Overreem ‘should’ take this. He has to many tools at his disposal and Lesnar does not like getting hit but with the disruptions in his camp it could go Lesnar’s way.

  • I don’t see Brock winning this one. Alistair Overeem is one of the best strikers I’ve ever seen, heavyweight or otherwise. I’m thinking it’ll be a first round knockout to Overeem.

  • Lesnar had his first championship handed to him on a silver platter,3 wins 1 loss and he took the belt.He’s big and got some talent but not really proved himself in my book.

    • Yep, i remember the way Dana White brought him into the company. They threw what they considered to be an out of shape and easy to finish Frank Mir at him. They had no idea that he was on one of the career comebacks of the century.

    • The guy has talent for sure, not just size, but I don’t count him as one of the best. He had an easy path to the championship fight, and I personally feel that Couture was over the hill by that point, he couldn’t take a hit anymore. Now that the initial fear of his size has worn off and people can see his weaknesses, I don’t think he’ll become champ again.

      As for the Reem vs Lesnar, when you take into account the disruptions to Overeem’s training, there’s a good chance it could go either way. I really feel that his experience and stand-up ability will make it hard for Brock, and I want to see him KO Brock quite badly, but if he gets taken down who knows what can happen.

      I really want to see Reem vs JDS though, so GOOOOO REEEEEEM!

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