Um, Link Doesn't Just Absorb Those Fairies...

So Link walks into a Fairy cave, stashes some in a bottle, then just kinda... absorbs another to refill his health. Wait, absorb? That's a little vague. Wouldn't he need to... yeah.

It's horrible. The next time you crack open a bottle and top yourself up in a Zelda game, just think about what you're actually doing, and try and be a little more careful, OK?

Nintendo might be too scared to show you the truth, but now you know.

Fairy Eater [KIM HERBST , via Fill Up Your Hearts]


    I just flashed back to the first time I played Resident Evil on PSX... chilling. Truly chilling.

      Tell me about it - I wonder if that was intentional or not.

    PETA should get onto this one straight away

    I believe "Legend of Neil" has already answered what Link does to the fairies.

      I thought the exact same thing straight away.

    HAHA reminds me of an old VGCats comic strip

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