Yes, Uncharted On The Vita Is Like Uncharted On The PS3

Do we want our console games on our handhelds? Do we want a game in our pocket that plays like a game on our TV? That was the promise with the PlayStation Portable and that is now a promise, thanks to certain games, of the PSP's successor, the PS Vita.

Take a fresh look here at Uncharted: Golden Abyss, a Vita launch game we've shown you several times before.

This is the game that's made to stun you into feeling like the Vita could be a portable PlayStation 3. But there is also a twist: this game uses the Vita's tilt sensors and the touch screen to enhance (or complicate) the adventures of Nathan Drake.

Is that what you want? Look at the game again, and you decide. The Vita and this new Uncharted, which takes place before the console games, will be out in North America in mid-February.


    Already knew it would be akin to the PS3 games, for a very long time.

    The 'enhancements' are the thing that makes me very wary of this. Tilt controls are terrible. There was a very, very good reason why Naughty Dog took the balance beam crap out of the game after the first Uncharted, for example, and it saddens me to see that put back in for the sake of it. Obviously this is the flagship game for the system so Sony has declared it has to use every Vita feature, regardless of whether that addition actually enhances the game. And I doubt many of them do.

      From what I understand the majority of the gimmicks are optional and standard controls can be used for all (or the majority of) actions.

    Honestly, this doesnt excite me at all. Ive recently finished U3 on ps3 & that'll do me for a while. I want something a little different, which is why ive got my eyes on Escape Plan.

      Escape Plan FTW. Im so exicted for that game!

    Doesnt look as good as the ps3 version

    The developers have made it pretty clear that all the "enhancement" control techniques are optional. If you want the 'classic' console experience then it will be there waiting for you.

    I agree that my experiences with tilt controls have always left a bad taste in my mouth, but the sniper-scope tilt controls looked slick and responsive in the video.

    Gosh that is a good looking game. The Vita is a swish bit of gear, albeit it looks huge (or the person in the video has tiny hands).


    I still don't care for portable gaming though. Just can't find a time or place for it in my life/style.

    I'm excited for it...the optional controls, so long as they're optional controls, I don't think will bother me.

    But I agree with GoodOlTones...Its stuff like Escape Plan and Sound Shapes that I'm truly anticipating...just because its something we haven't played I love Uncharted, but its Uncharted...I know exactly what I'm getting...

    I wonder if they'll port this over to the PS3 at some point like they did with the God of War PSP games. I love Uncharted but, while I think the Vita is a very impressive piece of kit, I just don't have much use for a mobile gaming device. If I travelled more for work or something then I'd definitely get one, but as it is I don't travel very often and I prefer to read or listen to music on the bus to/from work rather than play games.

    Some of those motion controls look intriguing (like the sniping) but I bet the others will just be terrible like usual. Then again there is nothing forcing me to use them, so I guess I have no real complaints.

    I'd buy the Vita for this game....errrr.....maybe not. I just fired up my PSP Fat after a couple years of it collecting dust in my cupboard. Should keep me busy till I finish the God of War games, Resistance and Killzone games.

    Uncharted is all about the spectacle.
    handhelds are not, they are about addictive short span gameplay or adventures you can take anywhere.
    to me personally uncharted is possibly one of the worst types of games for a portable

    It does look good but I don't really don't need a portable and I have'nt got around to buying uncharted 3 yet, and once I do it will be a while before I get the Nathan Drake urge again.

    Earlier today we had Kotaku losing their shit that "The 3DS Circle Pad Boasts Insane Battery Life", the source? Some fucking guy in Japan... Here is a massive game that will give current gen quality experience on the go and it's got a bunch of cynical bullshit "Do we want our console games on our handhelds? Do we want a game in our pocket that plays like a game on our TV?" Great work again Kotaku.

    Am I supposed to want Angry Birds and Cut the Rope? Would that make me hip and then I could fit in with the cool kids?

    Oh well, I'm a loser and a freak. I want something in my pocket that I can play Metal Gear, or Monster Hunter, or dozens of PSX games, or Zelda, or any number of other games that absolutely love with.

    If that's not worth my pocket space then 1000s of iOS or Android games sure as hell aren't either :-P

      Fucking oath, I want Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo. But I also want cool things like Little Deviants and Escape Plan. I refer to people winging about big games on handhelds "The great iOS retardation of Video Games". If Totilo wants moronic games that will entertain for 5 minute intervals, that are essentially throw away experiences then go for it. But don't just assume every other person on Earth also wants this.

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