Uncharted's Studio Is In Charge Of The Last Of Us

The PS3 exclusive title The Last of Us is being developed by Naughty Dog, the studio that brought us the Uncharted Trilogy.


    I get that this is an updating matter, but is there any chance you could leave one line articles as edits to a master page, Owen? This just seems, I don't know, stupid?

      It the yanks. They wont see this page, and don't know a good article if it hit them in the head. Don't expect anything worth while from them.

    Fuck. Yeah.

      I should probably elaborate. I loved the trailer. I loved the overgrown post-apocalyptic world. I loved the dynamic between the two characters and the day-to-day routine. I'm sold. :D

    Here's the trailer link, btw. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/vga-2011-the-last-of/724687

    This game now has my attention and that trailer sold me. Looking forward to gameplay.

    Good to see a post-apocalyptic world that isn't JUST a friggin' desert wasteland. Colour me keen.

    Is that girl meant to represent ellen page? Looks like her and sounds like her as well !

      You know, I thought the exact same thing!

      Exactly what i thought at first sight

      her name in the game is ellie... coincident.... i think not

      Hah thought the same thing.
      I also got a HUNGER GAMES vibe too.

      My guess, it's gonna be quite a linear game cause those graphics are INSANE!

      I also find it amusing how Sony insist on putting those messages on their trailers every now and then. On one side, it's deserved bragging rights but on the other hand, it's to spare them further embarrassment with the Killzone debacle that time.

    Damn this game looks awesome. I can not wait :D
    I thought she looked like Ellen Page too.

    gone from a title I was slightly curious about to pretty much an instant buy.

    <3 you ND.

    Looks great, reminds me a bit of enslaved. Worlds gone to shit, just gotta keep moving, to survive. I really look forward to this!

    i'm already worried about levels that require dragging along stupid npc's (the girl). other than that it certainly does look purdy.

    Looks interesting - little different from standard zombie fare. I Ellen page confirmed?

    Post apocalyptic with zombies innovative. New IP with old ideas is boring. After UC3 and now this I'm over ND.

      There's just no pleasing some people.
      I thought it looked very promising and can't wait to see gameplay.

        I thought the same thing. It looks promising.
        Unfortunately, I think we may need to see a little more before we can really judge. I mean, it doesn't look like Dead rising to me. Most games cover when the apocalypses happens. This game occurs when humanity has been like this for at least 13 years.
        Still we need more info.

      This isn't the game with the bottle of water in the trailer, right? I liked that one more, sans the zombies.

    Well they know how to make a great tralier with out throwing little kids out of windows a la dead island (orMicheal Jackson)

    Haha, everyone said that Uncharted was a rip-off of Tomb Raider, remember? But then, Uncharted kicked Tomb Raider to sleep, it was soooo much better. Same thing with this. Naughty Dog makes a concept that looks familiar to something else, makes it a million times better. I am really looking forward to this, especially since it is a ND game. I love zombie and survival games, this looks right up my alley!

    Well, Dead Island had a similar trailer and look how that ended up. Hopefully Naughty Dog won't make the same mistake.

    Old ideas, but new IP, who cares, there are a million military shooters released each year also, this is no different. The Dead Island trailer proved you can't know everything about the game from the trailer, but Naughty Dog have been more "honest" in the past with their trailers.

    The only thing that we can take out of this is that Naughty Dog are making the game, this is a team that has made the original Crash games, Jak and Daxter and then Uncharted.

    All of these games are incredibly polished and pretty decent experiences in their own genres, Naughty Dog are trying something new and I really think they deserve the benefit of the doubt, as klanky mentioned above, Uncharted was just a male Tomb Raider which some denounced at the time.

    With this game being in development for the last 2 years, Naughty Dog have announced the last 2 Uncharted games at the VGAs and they were released the next spring, if that trend continues, this will be Oct/Nov 2012 release and as a fan of Naughty Dog games, this has knocked The Last Guardian and everything else to be my most wanted of 2012 (if it released next year)

      Most wanted PS3 game. Its exclusive PS3 remember. I think, looking at it, Bioshock Infinite will be the most wanted game of 2012. Not this.

    Part of me goes "meh zombies" and another part goes "OMGOMGOMG NAUGHTY DOG"

    We know we're going to get a quality game from Naughty Dog. Another fine example of voice acting done right.

    "PS3 exclusive" = FAIL!!!! (all post below are gay)

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