$US100m Lawsuit Against Game-Bouncing Beyonce Proceeds

Attempts to have the $US100 million lawsuit brought by game developer Gate Five against singer Beyonce for abandoning a project to create a music game featuring her work have been thwarted by judge Charles Ramos of the Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The singer's pull out cost reportedly resulted in the loss of 70 jobs around Christmas time last year. [AOL]


    In the last bit of this post
    Mike Fahey gave to me,
    Some words that were unnecessary.

    Wait... so is it proceeding, or was it thwarted?

      I was about to say the exact same thing. . . The article isn't really clear on this rather important fact. . .

        So it wasn't just me... THIS IS MADNESS!

          Is there no proof reading before these are posted?
          I believe they left out an important word, Attempts to have the lawsuit "dropped", have been thwarted. So it is proceeding

            It reads to me like they "attempted to have the lawsuit", which failed. So, the lawsuit was never successfully started. Which totally contradicts the headline, as it can't proceed if it never started. +1 for proof-reading before posting.

      People will say "hey guys you should leave the US journos alone" but then this sort of thing happens.

    So did she have a contract with them and she broke the contract?

    This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

    Yet another outstanding demonstration of the appalling ongoing lack of interest in real journalism being shown by a few people at Kotaku

    What a terrible article! Normally I don't get all the US-bashing that happens on here all the time (sometimes you really don't need a full blown article for something) but this is ridiculous. Not only does it not make any sense whatsoever by contradicting itself but there is no link to any source at all - just a link to an article from last year - so I can't even read that to get the full story.

    Who cares? Wtf is Beyonce anyway in the gaming universe? Nothing.

    Holy shit that's one massive sentence with zero punctuation.

    Try this.

    'On Tuesday judge Charles Ramos (of the Manhattan Supreme Court) thwarted attempts to have the $US100 million lawsuit against Beyonce dropped. The lawsuit was filed by game developer Gate Five after the singer pulled out of a game set to feature her music.

    The singer’s pull out cost reportedly resulted in the loss of 70 jobs around Christmas time last year.'

    i dont understand what was just said...

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