Use A PS3 Controller With The Sony Tablet S

I've been toying with the idea of buying a tablet and normally I'd just go for the Apple option and get an iPad, but a couple of things worry me: the lack of drag and drop for video content being the major one. Now I've just discovered that the Sony Tablet S, via its latest update, allows you to use the PS3 controller for games.

It's a great feature that makes complete sense, particularly given the fact that Sony is attempting to bring games in their catalogue to the Android Marketplace. These games aren't built for a touch interface and the ability to be use a controller is a strong selling point.

GTAIII, for example, has just been given a release on Android and I can't imagine playing that game with touch could be anywhere near as intuitive and fun as using a controller.

That said, apparently you need a new propriety cable to set the whole thing up initially, which is disappointing.

I'd like to throw it out there: do any of you guys have a tablet for games? Which do you recommend?

Sony Tablet S Update Adds PS3 Controller Support [Gizmodo]


    I only have 1 tablet for playing games with:

    Panadol, for when playing Scrabble with the extended family.

    Will be avoiding the need for it this xmas by introducing them all to Carcassonne.

    I don't own a tablet as yet, but I've been waiting for the Transformer Prime to come out in order to drive down the prices for the original Transformer.

    Having said that, these Sony tablets are mighty tempting...

    I have an iPad 2 and GTA III. These two things do not compute in terms of control. Sound and visuals are great, but even with a Fling stick, the fidelity is just not there.

    The ability to use a PS3 controller would be very much appreciated.

    Tablets are fairly restrictive in alot of ways, it would just be cheaper and simpler to get a fairly powerful netbook. I was looking into getting a strong netbook for University, with a good battery life and a moderate GPU so that I could atleast play CSS.

      But a netbook isnt a tablet. That's like saying a motorbike is restrictive compared to a car.

    Sony tablets are $100 off at harvey norman atm

      I just had a look at their site, and I can't see any mention of $100 off, though they do appear to be selling them with a $100 PSN voucher...

    Well if you're going to use a controller then you're going to have to put the tablet down somewhere. So you could just plug a ps3 controller into your laptop and run emulators.

    Been talking to some people about this lately and the recommendation came out as buy a cheap mini-USB to USB cord from somewhere like Jaycar for a few dollars and use it for such things as hooking up an external HD or the like, so you can justify the purchase.
    They are supposedly allowing the Tablet S connectivity to the PS3 next year in the same manner as the PSP, so if they allow games transfers and such it would mean the controller would be a useful thing but carrying it around and using it on public transport would be a weird thing to do.

    The Acer Iconia Tab also allows for this control option through the full size USB port. When combined with any of the freely available emulators and ROMS, it equals a retro gamer's paradise. The Sony Tablets are obviously a better solution again to the Acer. I played on one briefly at HN a couple of days ago, and the on screen controls for Crash Bandicoot were essentially unplayable. Having the PS3 controller is a must

      Agreed; I have one, and the PS3 controller hooks up nicely to it with a standard cable.

      Only downside is that many games don't support controllers yet (support was only added to Android about 6 months ago), but many emulators do.

    Drag and drop video for iPad just get AVplayer HD. Problem solved

      All the cool kids got the VLC app before Apple removed it :P

    I have a Toshiba Thrive and you just plug in a ps3 controller via usb and it just works. Playing some old snes games using an emulator and ps1 games using the ps1 emulator. Easy to remap the ps controller too

    I have the sony tablet and just updated it. Playing GTA III is a lot better with a dual shock than it is with touch controls. The cable you use to connect initially is the same cable you need when you hook up your external HD to watch movies or whatever you do with it

    sony gave me there tablet for review and ive been playing crash bandicoot with the touch controls obviously not as responsive as a controler but its still manages to retain its playability and im thouroughly enjoying playing it

    I have the Sony S Tablet and it is an Amazing buy. Fast, user friendly and tons of cool features. I stay on this more than my laptop. Highly recommend it.

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