Video Game Almost Predicted Kim Jong-Il’s Death

Video Game Almost Predicted Kim Jong-Il’s Death

Kim Jong-il, who has ruled the Communist state of North Korea since 1994, has passed away. Which means Kaos Studios, the developers of 2011 shooter Homefront, were only two weeks off making one of the most timely fictional statements in video game history.

In Homefront, a game which takes the death of Kim as the catalyst for a series of North Korean actions which culminate in a Communist conquest of Northern Asia and subsequent occupation of North America, his demise is listed as having taken place in 2012.

Today being December 19, 2011, that’s pretty damn close.

In the real world, it’s expected that rule will pass to his third son, Kim Jong-un, who the BBC speculates is in his late-20s.

In Homefront, Kim Jong-il is succeeded by…his third son Kim Jong-un, who quickly moves to unify North and South Korea before annexing Japan and South-East Asia.


    • +1, I learned about this on kotaku too, maybe I need to load up more often instead of staring at Remember This for hours on end.

    • That just shows the sad state of affair “news” reporting is in in Australia. All they ever report about is boat people and the he said she said bullshit between the two major political parties. Hence I watch ABC and SBS

      • I couldn’t agree more. Our govt ought to have al-Jazeera or BBC World News broadcasting on free-to-air television. That’s where I get my news from. [Also, since they only said 2012, doesn’t that mean they could have been a year and a week off? ;)]

          • SBS has a daily al-Jazeera bulletin and sometimes a commercial network will use their coverage in case of bigger news, but I stress that there should be a standalone 24/7 feed.

      • I’ve had ABC NEWS 24 on ALL morning and there has been nothing except boat people drowning off Java. Only as writing this are they really covering it in depth. The only reason I heard was a combination of Kotaku and SMH, as they open automatically when I launch chrome.

        I also distinctly remember the Homefront trailer using real world news of Un being tipped to take over from Il. Which was news not long before the second trailer. So it’s not that miraculous. Guessing the death is quite hilarious though, what a coincidence.

        • I caught it on CNN International, which just happened to be on in the background. Kotaku was the first website I saw with the information, though.

        • And if he manages to unite North and South Korea in 2013 (+/- 1 year), then we’re all screwed…

          Maybe that wacko US Republican candidate that was spouting about the threat of an EMP strike to America has seen this trailer too. Pretty sure the Pentagon just bought a few copies to see what happens next too 😛

      • i cant watch tv its just too shit, its shit, then 10 minutes of ads, then more shit, just crap crap crap every show is terrible and the news is fucking retarded.

  • Yar, I remember seeing the trailer and then hearing about how Kim Jong-il was sick. Then the apparent announcement that if he was to pass, his 3rd son would succeed.

    The trailer could be onto something – creepy!

  • Remember this is North Korea, so he probably died two weeks ago and it finally leaked. They probably did some wacky Weekend at Bernie’s thing for the press.

    Everything Sunny All the Time Always!

  • Is this going to be like that movie China Syndrome, where a real-world event propels an otherwise tanking franchise to stratospheric success? 🙂

  • Same with that Bladerunner game by Westwood (which was AWESOME, btw). Was set in 2019 and mentioned Frank Sinantra had died how ever many years earlier. It was spot on.

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