Video Game Art Doesn't Get Much Slicker Than This

Aaron Richmond's Orangecross Creative doesn't create concept art. He's not a 3D modeller, and doesn't come up with environments either. No, his work is more popular than that.

He's a marketing man. Richmond's art appears on the promotional material for games. Mostly that means compositing other artist's work — so logos, cover art, posters, that kind of thing — and coming up with a final, presentable image. Which may not sound that important, but in an industry where branding is as vital as it is to things like movies, it's very important.

In addition to his work on movies, where he's supplied iconic imagery for flicks like Dark Knight, Juno and No Country for Old Men, he's done a lot of stuff for EA over the years, contributing to the logos, box art, posters and even limited edition packaging for many of the publisher's biggest games of this generation.

You can see examples of his game stuff in the gallery above, with more work viewable at Orangecross' site.

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    I do love the Dead Space 2 art. It's just brilliant.

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