Video Playback Quality Poorer Under New Xbox Dashboard: Report

The Xbox 360's video player does not display video properly, a problem that testers reported during the new dashboard's beta period, and one confirmed by Eurogamer this weekend.

The issue seems to be that the new dashboard forces videos to dsiplay at limited-range RGB levels, which in layman's terms means the colour looks washed out.

Eurogamer says that "the differences are hardly dramatic in a single screenshot," but "the effect is much more pronounced in motion, and it's clear that the 360's new dash is not functioning properly."

It seems to be a very technical aesthetic issue but one that becomes all the more recongizable, and nagging, when it highlights compression artifacts and macroblocking. Adjusting the monitor/TV display settings to compensate for the washout ends up screwing up gameplay video.

Eurogamer supplied color-level histograms to show that the picture quality is indeed different between the new dashboard and its previous version. So far there has been no official acknowledgment of the issue from Microsoft.

New 360 dash borks video playback [Eurogamer]


    Of course Microsoft won't acknowledge the issue, they love the new dash too much with all it's annoying advertising.

    Bring back NXE!

      Because NXE doesn't have advertising.. oh, wait. Yes it does. The same amount even. Its just where they are that's changed

    I just want the pause button on their video player to continue laoding the video in the background... the way Youtube does. The way it freezes to buffer all the time is annoying as buggery.

      +1 - the YouTube app doesn't even do this which is maddening seeing as I don't know about everyone else here - but connection speeds aren't exactly great in this country.

    At least it'll play MP4 with ACC sound now (Gametrailers downloaded vids)

    Perhaps I shouldn't have read this. I'm going to notice it all the time now.

      It's like learning this international tongue awareness month.

    This issue was raised early on in the preview and has been ignored by Microsoft! Hopefully this raises awareness so that they fix the issue. Who are they to force a new interface on us!


    It forces videos to dsiplay huh? And the display does what?

    Gee I been using my 360 for vid playback more than games lately - lucky I haven't updated to the new dash board.. and now I'm not going to!!

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