Hitman 1, Bad Guys 0 In Absolution's New Trailer

The Spike VGAs aren't about awards. They're about trailers. Here's one for the new Hitman game, Absolution.


    bye bye HItman, hello Call of Hitman Warfare 3

    Little stab at Assasins Creed at the end?

    Looks like it'll be linear like Uncharted. Not saying Uncharted isn't good but this isn't Hitman. It's been XCOM'd like Syndicate.

      Everything you said is true if you've been living under a rock and haven't seen the other gameplay footage that's been on the net for ages now.

    I don't know about you guys, but this pretty much reflects how I played Hitman all along. I approve!

    Never trust a trailer for a game like this, stealth doesn't make for exciting video so they never show it. Look at Splinter Cell Conviction, that could be played extremely stealthily but since it wasn't exciting to watch, we got trailers that made it look as actionny as gears of war

    This could be just a mix-up mission. You know, assassinating the assassins while defending the target. If that's the case, and the majority of the game is still as choice-driven as the Hitman of old, it's all good. Otherwise... balls

    Hitman's always been linear, but with many different options per level. I'd like to think this hitman will stay with it's roots of having many overall posibilities and variations to tackle a level. I'd also hope that it's long... even with quite a few hours of playthrough the games still never felt long enough.

    Is it bad that this is the first hitman game that seems promising to me?

      Same for me as well.

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