Watch Minecraft's Notch Make (Another) Game

Markus 'Notch' Persson regularly takes part in Game Jam style 48 hour competitions where he tries to create a video game from scratch in two short days. In fact, he's taking part in one now, and he's streaming it live.

So if you feel like watching Notch trying to create a game, and want to take notes on his mad coding skills/check out what music he's currently listening to (Dubstep apparently) then you might want to check it out. Apparently he has three hours left to go!

Thanks Joystiq


    I had a peek in last night. Lot of code flying around. Notch is a machine.

      Pity he wasn't such a machine when it came to Minecraft.

        Hey man, don't be like that.
        He had to take all those vacations to Vegas. What else was he supposed to do with his millions??

          Buy lots of coke & hookers & live like a rockstar?

    I finally tried Minecraft over the weekend, and I want my time back! What a load of overatted garbage

      Wholeheartedly agree.

      Yeah, hate games with too many rats, damnit!

      Back to MW3 for you, I guess :(

      There are no rats in minecraft, let alone an over-abundance of them.

      Hearing people say that Minecraft is garbage triggers the same feeling in me as when I hear people say they don't like Shakespeare. I'm not saying Minecraft is even close to being the Shakespeare of gaming – but rather that it makes me think you only skimmed the surface, got thrown off by the very slight inaccessibility and then gave up, completely missing all the beauty that was there waiting for you to discover it.

      …Or you could have given it a decent go and still thought it was shit, in which case, I disagree but fair enough :P

        To really enjoy Minecraft imo, you need to have an imagination and be creative. Those that don't enjoy Minecraft clearly possess neither traits.

          Just adding this reply so that there's enough room for all the fanboyitis. It seems too much to be contained simply by your one post :-p

            Hahaha, nice. I see what you did there. I'm not a fanboy though. I enjoy it, but it's not something I'd get obsessed over.


        Reminds me of the southpark episode where butters wrote the book The Poop that took a Pee and it was literary genius when really it was a load of shit.

          What makes Minecraft a load of shit, to you? I'm curious now.

    Notch has mad skillz

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