Watch Real Animals Kick Arse At Video Games

You remember that Bearded Dragon, right? Or the orangutans? Or the African bull frog crushing virtual ants?

In the above video, a cat slices and dices his way through Fruit Ninja, posting an impressive score.

After Nintendo capitalised on games for old people and non-gamers, it looks like there's an entirely new untapped demographic: animals. There are a few apps aimed at animals (cats, mostly) and, no doubt, there will be more as the iPad and iPhone are quickly becoming the digital version of a squeaky toy.

But for every animal gaming champ, there's always a chameleon who gets totally freaked out by an iPhone.


    I think this is less a demonstration of awesome animals as it is proof of how brainless these games re.

      Ah you beat me to it! Haha!

    That frog video scared the crap out of me

      hahaha thanks for pointing that out, hilarious.

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