We're Pretty Sure Deadmau5 Actually Got A Shigeru Miyamoto Tattoo

While it looks like Deadmau5 may have trolled everyone waiting for a PlayStation Vita with his whole lost-not-lost prank concerning Sony's upcoming handheld, we think we can believe him that he's gotten a hell of a new gaming tattoo. (There are videos.)

Over the weekend, he appears to have cajoled newly-minted VGA hall-of-famer Shigeru Miyamoto to sign his forearm and then get it permanently etched into his epidermis via professional tattoo. Mr. Maus spun at the VGAs on Saturday night and had occasion to meet Miyamoto-san at the event.

One Sharpie signature + a timely visit to a needle artist = the envy of every hardcore Nintendo fan. Seems like he'll need a Fumito Ueda autograph to balance things out, right?

He's got other gaming tattoos already. There's rendition of a Minecraft creeper face and Space Invaders alien on his body. The DJ is definitely into the gaming scene. He was attached to Activision's DJ Hero 2 and he'll have tunes featured in Sound Shapes, the Vita's platformer/music creation hybrid being made by Jonathan Mak of Everyday Shooter fame. On top of that, he DJs with a mouse head that's got Space Invaders, Minecraft pigs, and Pac-Man on it, among other things.

Shigeru Miyamoto's signature now permantly etched on my arm! [Twitter]


    Miyamoto is shown signing his left arm, yet the tattoo is shown on his right arm... how do these things work? I kinda assumed the tattooist just traced what was signed....

      mirrors - close relatives of magnets

      yeah its taken in a mirror look is watch is on his other hand plus his hearts tat is also on his left. also look at the tat above his watch in both photos

        Lol mirrors b/c he took the photo himself! I'm blond btw :S

    Who the hell is Deadmau5 and why should I care?

      The Deadmau 5 are a popular band of sorts. They're like the Beatles, only not 40 years ago. I don't know where the other 4 members of the band are.

        uhhh, actually, deadmau5 is an electro-trance DJ originally from canada. He's usually got a giant mouse head on stage. His tracks have been featured on games like wipeout HD and such.

          He isn't a DJ, he is a producer.

            No he is a DJ

              Regardless of what the ugly imbicile claims to be, it seems any music associated with that name is over-rated garbage.

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