What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Earlier in the week I bought the game Chulip from eBay. Given that this game was released almost 10 years ago in Japan, some might suggest that I am a bit late to the party, but I don't believe that it is ever too late to play a game, especially if it's worth playing (in the same way it's never too late to see a movie or read a book). So I'm hoping the game arrives on my door step today so that I can spend the weekend chasing people around my village trying to kiss them. What are you playing this weekend?

For those who have never heard of Chulip, it's a game by the developer behind Little King's Story and MOON, Yoshiro Kimura. Kimura was also the creative director at Grasshopper Manufacture for a while. Chulip never received an Australian release — it made its way to the US several years after the original Japanese release. If the game doesn't arrive today, I will be spending my weekend moping.

How about you? What are you playing this weekend?


    Deus EX HR and Batman Arkham City because I am a sneaky bastard

    Whatever I can find time to play between various Christmas related activities.

    Maybe some more Skyward Sword, really haven't done much in that game yet. Got a sword, held it Skyward and that's pretty much it.

      Apparently I've convinced myself to play some Ragnarok Online.

      As with many things, this will not end well.

    Not sure if I should play more batmangs (finished story, got plenty of side missions to do so I can finish it off) or really get stuck into Skyrim for the next week.

    Xenoblade, been making really good progress this past week now that I've other games off my plate. Will probably try to finish Super Mario 3D Land too, and maybe try out some of the free GBA games and stuff from Humble Bundle #4.

    Skyrim followed by Skyrim topped with maybe some more Skyrim ^^

    Uncharted 3 asI'm on a break from Skyrim. Kind of itching to get back to tge mages guild though, so we'll see.

    Same as always, a lot of BF3 mixed with a heap of Skryrim

    Lots of little games, depending on what I feel like! I'm playing Cave Story, Super Meat Boy and Bit Trip Runner from the Humble Bundle, as well as PullBlox on the 3DS and I just started Zelda Minish Cap (best handheld Zelda, in my opinion) and continuing my re-play of Phoenix Wright 1.

    Luckily they're all fairly easy to play in short bursts. Too much to do for extended gaming!

      Correction, minish cap is the best zelda, period!

    probly last weekend for this one....

    Hoping to finish of the latest Professor Layton and return to God of War III. Should start to make some inroads to other games now Skyrim is pretty much complete.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic!

      me too, me too! :P

    Skyward Sword, and possibly Old Republic if my early access comes through.

    I don't know if i will be playing games, yet again, to be honest.

    I have my mid-trimester test in marketing management this week, plus an assignment for the same subject, plus family are coming over PLUS doing the last of the KKP stuff.

    OH and designing something for bee for xmas :D

    Will be LANning up the 360s. Lots of Gears 3, BF 3 and Forza 4. Especially Gears of War 3 MP, Kim as a playable character!

    Will be working on Batman:AC on PC while i wait for my early access for SWTOR (should have got it this morning so fingers crossed for tonight)

    Looking to 100% Saints Row, but that is unlikely to happen as I'll be all all the place this weekend.

    Wow lots of Skyrim. I will be a dissenting voice and say 'Not much' as I have to work Saturday. Bummer. No plans yet for Sunday, so hopefully some time with MW3, or Dead Island.

    Is it wrong that when I crush a zombie head and blood and gore gushes out, it reminds me of the Coco-pops jingle singing, 'Just like a chocolate milkshake, only CRUNCHY!!!'??

      Mmm... coco pops.


    I 100%'d Assassin Creed Revelations and have decided to get back into my writing. No games this weekend.

    No surprises here - more Dark Souls. Have 2 ready made PvP characters (Uchi user and ultra weapon user respectively) and a 3rd all-round kind of gal who happens to really rocks with the Moonlight Greatsword and WoG.

    So I'll be stomping face around Anor Londo and the Undead Parish.

    Also, will sneak another round of golf in, weather be damned, and a haircut is on the cards too :)

      Oh and writing stuff for various... things.

      Blogs (recently restarted one), and a business proposal.

      But Dark Souls first! Priorities fuck yeah!

    Game Boy Advanced stuff. Mainly Fire Emblem and Zelda.

    When I'm not doing that though I want to check out the Batman game on iOS, and gonna continue Nier.

    Got red dead redemption game of the year edition. I'll be digging into the game this weekend.

    "I can spend the weekend chasing people around my village trying to kiss them" Pretty sure thats considered a crime in some places. Be careful :)

    Probably be playing some Skyrim, or maybe start on Arkham City.

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