What Could Epic Games Be Teasing For The VGAs This Weekend?

All you Kremlinologists who like to parse secrets out of video clips are SOL on this one. The teasing's strictly of the verbal variety as Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski hints an all-new game during a promo for the upcoming Spike Video Game Awards.

Viewers don't get much to work with, other than clips of Gears of War and Infinity Blade games. With sequels for both of those franchises recently released, we can probably rule out. In the tweet that Spike's Geoff Keighley sent out earlier today, the game was called "a surprise new franchise". All Bleszinski says is that it's an "entirely fresh new experience" which seems to indicate that it'll be a new franchise. Hmm.

Let's think about the possibilities, shall we?

Could the new Epic game also be the mysterious PS3 exclusive teased by The Last of Us video last week? It'd be a super-surprise for the company best known for a top-selling Xbox exclusive to make a new game for the PS3, wouldn't kit?

Another option could be the Gears of War Kinect game that's been rumoured. With Microsoft showcasing hardcore games that work with Kinect, as with Mass Effect 3, this could be a good way to continue that message.

Or maybe it's the game glimpsed in Epic's Samaritan demo at GDC, which Kotaku's Stephen Totilo refers to as "Deus Epic." That was supposedly only a bleeding-edge tech demo but it seemed to cry out for playability.

Of course, it could be another Unreal Tournament game or Shadow Complex 2, so radically re-invented that they'd qualify as new? Bleszinski's been talking up Jazz Jackrabbit a lot lately and even talked about it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a while back.

The most exciting thing would be if it were entirely new. We'll find out this weekend.


    Jazz Jackrabbit.
    That is all.

      Lol, I would love a dark, twisted, and bloody sequel to the original!

    Whilst I dream about a twisted Jazz Jackrabbit game, im more inclined to suggest it'll be a new Unreal game on Unreal Engine 4... God I hope it retains the same licensing system as the current UDK. Unreal 2 sucked.

    Let me guess....it'll have guns!

    therealcliffyb Cliff Bleszinski
    "@geoffkeighley: At VGAs this Saturday on Spike, @therealcliffyb will unveil a surprise new franchise from Epic! spike.com/events/video-g…"
    9 hours ago

    Gahhh, that would mean a neg to Malcom.

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