What Happened To These Anime Schoolgirls?

Yu Kobayashi, that's what. The Japanese voice actress, known for her twisted drawings, sets her sights on schoolgirl rocker anime K-On!. This is the result.

Goodness, this is scary. It's like her pen channels the soul of Satan himself.

For those not familiar with K-On!, this is not what the characters are supposed to look like.

Other drawings Kobayashi drawings include demon tits and dick monster. Those aren't her titles for the drawings. They should be, though.

Yu Kobayashi previously voiced characters in games like Ar tonelico III, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon as well as many anime, including the feature film adaptation of Animal Crossing.

There's even a Yu Kobayashi t-shirt for you to frighten your friends and relatives.

小林ゆう画伯の「けいおん!! [@giogiogioigogio via はちま起稿

Top photo: Getchu


    Does she draw these with her off hand or something?
    I think see hints of nightmare fuel, but creeping insanity fogs my vision.

    Yup, sure looks like video games.

      Missed the "otaku" part of Kotaku did we champ?

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