What If Arkham City Were A Suburb Of Springfield

Artist Dean Fraser of Springfield Punx fame is up to his old tricks again, giving the heroes and villains of Batman: Arkham City a Simpsons-style makeover. Mmmmm, Springfield Catwoman.

Both Fraser and his fans have been posting Arkham City sketches over the past week, depicting the sort of horrible idea Mayor Quimby might come up with if crime in Springfield reached Gotham proportions. It's a situation that would culminate in the inevitable Batman/Bartman team up that fans have been craving for years.

Check out the Springfield Punx website for more Springfield crossover characters, from the Green Lantern to the Blue Falcon.

Springfield Punx [via MTV]


    It's like Deja Vu all over again!

    Though I just noticed that a lot of these characters are drawn in the same "Wait... what did I come into this room for again?"-pose.

      Yeah, but The Penguin (as seen in the banner) hasn't shown up in either... sigh, get ready for a third one...

    i hate the simposonisation of things, i'm over it. please stop.

      Then don't open the article. Nobody is making you do so. This is the sort of thing that shouldn't need to be explained to you.

    I think Futurama could fill these characters.

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