What If The Xbox 360 Was A Breakdancer, Right?

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if the Xbox 360 went to a nightclub and started breakdancing? How would the laptops and the controllers react?

Actually, how would the other Xbox react?

In the so-bad-it's-good or so good-it's-bad category, I submit this video that popped up on Vimeo from one Jared Caudillo. Enjoy.

XBOX Stop Motion [Vimeo]


    As a bboy myself. Referencing that this video was "breakdancing" is insulting. Also Bboys never dance to that kind of whack music.

    Don't associate us with night club dancing douchebags.

    What if, US Kotaku didn't search through reddit and youtube for random videos to post as news?

    These guys actually get paid for posting this shit?!?!?! Wankers.

    People dance to Crazy Frog?


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