What The Heck Is Resident Evil Revelations Going To Be About?

In the trailer above, the usual plot elements that have popped up in Resident Evil games since almost the very beginning of the series show once again. You know, bioengineered terrorism, governmental response, power-mad terrorists. That kind of thing. If you need the specifics, you're looking at main characters Jessica Sherawat and Parker Luciani — agents for Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance — as they prepare to investigate a bio-terrorism attack on the floating city of Terragrigia

But what's especially notable here is how Revelations — in these cutscenes at least — looks like one of the games that will live up to the console-quality graphics promises that Nintendo made before the launch of the 3DS.


    I'm actually really looking forward to this game. Resident Evil 5 really impressed me

    Sooooo japanese

      Is that a problem?

      If they can release RE here then why not the project zero spin off? D=

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