What’s This, A Dark, Brooding Space Adventure Game?

What’s This, A Dark, Brooding Space Adventure Game?

Stasis is an upcoming indie adventure game set in space. It’s for the PC. It’s played from an isometric perspective. And it looks all kinds of dark and moody. Me and Stasis are off to a very, very good start.

Playing the role of John Maracheck, who wakes up from a stasis-induced sleep in an abandoned facility to find his family missing. Which can mean only one thing: you’ve got to wander around the place solving puzzles.

I’m really digging the whole look of the game. The dark sci-fi vibe taps into the best bits of late-90s PC gaming (with some Dead Space inspiration to boot), while the visuals look much nicer than you’d expect given the genre and the small development team.

Stasis will be out next year.

Stasis [Official Site]



  • This looks so damn atmospheric. I love that perspective for adventures. Looks like a Sci-Fi kind of Sanitarium. Any one here play that?

  • Couldn’t take the trailer seriously when I realised how clearly that opening sequence just ripped off the Alien opening, including obligatory Alien/Prometheus introduction of the title.

    • +1

      Whole time I was just like “Aliens…”
      Meanwhile my idle hand reached for the DVDs to check and yeah, it’s a straight out the window reference.

      • You spelt “Alien” wrong… title sequence for Ridley Scott’s new feature Prometheus also uses this technique. The sequel “Aliens” used a different into for the title, more bright lights..
        So what.. I think it’s a great homage to a fantastic movie.

      • who cares? event horizon had a similar intro too, in fact if its an evil space ship horror movie its probably the best intro you can get and sets the tone for what you can expect so get over it

  • I took the trailer very seriously. It was a very serious trailer. It’s a serious trailer for a serious game. For serious times.

    But well done for pointing out similarities to other dark scifi space themes. I think we all would have missed it. I am suitably enriched and hold you in higher esteem for your good taste.

  • Oh wow, 50’s style propaganda images in a futuristic setting, that hasn’t been done to fucking death. Based purely on that I have no faith that the rest of their ideas can be remotely interesting.

      • Oh I’m just bitter because the game LOOKS great so I’m extra disappointed in the lack of creativity. I thought it was pushing it already when Dead Space made the un-nessecary jump onto the ‘For Science!’ poster bandwagon.

        • Oh yeah? Well you’re

          Wait. Aw, what’d you have to go and be reasonable for? And make good points? You’re ruining my smartarse-on-the-internet thing!

          Grumble grumble grumble.

          Damnit. Now I agree with you. Well played, sir.

          • Quick! say something racist or about how xbox is way better than ps3, this is suddenly feeling uncomfortably like real life instead of the internet. 😀

          • If I mention Call of Duty, I’m sure others will lead the charge.

            CoD. Go, you wonderful horrible people, go!

    • This was exactly what popped into my mind too. Don’t know if it’s just the isometric perspective that jogged the memory or something else.

  • This looks great. If it captures the feeling of the first ALIEN film as well as it appears to be attempting then I’m gonna love it.

    Dead Space came closest probably, but ultimately it was closer to ALIENS… which is an idea that is to me, while not bad at all, isn’t nearly as exciting.

    • Pity it captures the feeling by so blatantly copying though. The ship looks like the Sulaco from Aliens, the way the title appears is from Alien, and the company logo looks way too much like Weyland-Yutani.

  • Colour me semi impressed.

    I love the isometric perspective, it reminds me of Crusader: No Remorse/No Regret, just with less shooting and cool weapons and deadly robots etc…

    If this were a modern remake of the Crusader games I’d sell my grandma to be able to afford a copy, but it’s not so grandma is safe for now…

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