What's Ubisoft's New MMO? A Wii U Game?

Yesterday, Ubisoft's Emile Gauthier posted a seemingly innocent Twitter message, asking for people to come work on Ubisoft Quebec's "NEW AAA MMORPG Game".

Turns out the actual advertisements are a little more descriptive. While some simply say MMO, or AAA MMO, others say it's a "WII U AAA Game", which suggests the game may well be all three things at once.

Which would be interesting. Especially when you look at Ubi Quebec's track record. While it was originally founded to work on crummy PSP, Wii and DS ports, in recent years it's been helping Ubisoft's flagship Montreal studio on the main Assassin's Creed games.

That's where the facts end. You'll have to go the rest of the way down Speculation Boulevard on your own. While you're going, remember that Ubisoft Quebec has over 300 developers, so it's possible they're working on two games at once. And also remember that in addition to working on Assassin's Creed, they've also helped out on the Prince of Persia series as well.

Ubisoft Quebec working on a "AAA MMORPG", possibly for Wii U [NeoGAF]


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