Which Is Faster: Vita Game Cards Or Vita Downloads?

With the PlayStation Vita, you can buy retail game card games or download digital versions from the PlayStation Store. It's your call. But before you do, there's something you should know: one is slightly faster than the other.

In this video from sister site Kotaku Japan, a card copy of PS Vita game Uncharted: Abyss and a digital copy. The card copy is running on the top Vita. The digital version is on the bottom. (Note: Kotaku Japan set one of its Vitas to English as the default language, hence the English language Uncharted title screen.)

It's not just Uncharted. In the second video, the same test is run on Army Corps of Hell. Once again, the top Vita is running the game card, while the bottom one is running the download copy.

The difference is only 2 to 4 seconds. Nothing major, but if you're someone who counts every second you have, then you might want to go with the game cards.

Be sure to check out Kotaku's Vita coverage.

PlayStation Vitaのロード時間、Vitaカード版のほうがダウンロード版より少し早い! [Kotaku Japan]


    It's funny because the bottom vita was clearly winning initially for uncharted

    I'd warrant it's more to do with different internet routes being taken for each connection than the purchase method. A sample size of two is hardly able to be taken as evidence. Try flipping a coin and see if you ever get two heads or tails in a row. Non-Story.

      Id agree but you can clearly see the network features are disabled in Uncharted, and I dont even know if Army Corpse access anything. So in reality it is still a story!

      What makes it a non story is 2-3 seconds of difference, if that.. Maybe when larger more data bandwidth intense games hit it may become a story..

        What's the deal with pricing? If the download was noticeably cheaper than the card then I'd be happy to "endure" the extra few seconds load time.

          The downloads are strongly discounted, by at least 20%, and rumours are saying some games may even get digital discounts of up to 40%. Would make the expensive memory cards more worth it, for sure...

      "Internet routes" you do realise they're not only not using the internet, it's a digital copy not that different to an ISO so the internet routes aren't going to be different at all.

      Internet... routes? I think you need to flagumbulate your keyboard's reducifier. That sounds like nonsense.

    You know what the MOST important thing I learned from this video is? that the Japanese games have English in them, the western developed ones anyway. However since the cost of games in Japan are more expensive than here in Australia, and the Yen being surprisingly strong despite mane made and natural disasters... I will never need to know that.

      Solution, buy Chinese instead!
      As you probably already know, their games are heaps cheaper with PS3.
      Most likely same deal with the Vita.

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