While You Were Sleeping

While you were curled up in deep slumber, stuff happened. Video games stuff. We could have prodded you in the gut to wake you up, but that would have been inconsiderate. So instead, we’ve compiled the highlights of the news of last night so you can read of what you missed out on while you were sleeping!

The Federal Department of Media Harmful to Young Persons. Wow. I would be mildly terrified if such a department were introduced in Australia, but for the people of Germany, it's been around for quite some time and now they have gotten around to banning Dead Island.

For your daily hit of Minecraft (beyond, say, playing Minecraft), three guys have created an incredible video of a Minecraft Super Mario Land in stop motion. It is pretty darn neat!

For those pining for information on The Last Guardian, here it is! Unfortunately, the news isn't particularly positive, with Fumito Ueda leaving Sony.

Last, EA wants to make a Dead Space first-person shooter (oh wow, what an original idea!) and Dragon Age is getting multiplayer.

In short Germany gets around to banning Dead Island 3 guys, 18 million blocks, one unbelievable Minecraft video Report: The Last Guardian creator leaves Sony EA wants to make a Dead Space first-person shooter Surprise: Dragon Age getting multiplayer


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