While You Were Sleeping

You fell asleep. Stuff happened. Therein lies the problem: what if you need to know about the stuff that happened? That's where we come in. Helping you digest the stuff that occurred, while you were sleeping.

Argh, I'm having the worst morning. I almost chopped my finger off cooking breakfast, lost a contact, arrived late. ARGH! Anyway, this is not my diary. You came here for a new round-up and by golly that's what you're going to get!

Fumito Ueda is no longer in the employ of Sony. He's finishing up The Last Guardian on a contract basis and then moving on to new things. For those worried this will impact on the quality of the game, Ueda has gone to Twitter to reassure fans that is not the case! Details here.

I'm a fan of MMA, so when I heard that Jon Fitch, one of the top fighters in UFC, was a huge fan of Skyrim, I had a chuckle to myself. Fitch is supposed to be training for a huge fight at the moment. Good to know that even the productivity of top notch brawlers is being compromised by Bethesda.

It's the VGAs this weekend — which means a whole bundle of new trailers — what does Epic have in store? These Legend of Zelda family portraits are incredible! And this is Halo in 2D.

In Short What Could Epic Games Be Teasing For The VGAs This Weekend? The Last Guardian Creator Says He Remains Hard At Work On His Game The Legend Of Zelda Family Portraits This MMA Fighter Is Bonkers For Skyrim Halo Goes 2D Not With A Bang But With A Whimper

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