While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, dreaming of puppies wearing tiny blue gumboots, things happened. What kind of things? Oh man, we're glad you asked! Click through for our round-up of the top news items that fell into our laps overnight. Soon you'll be so caught up with what happened while you were sleeping it'll be like you didn't sleep at all!

I find most war games rather boring. If you're not playing the allied troops fighting ze Germans in World War 2, you're playing the allied troops fighting against the Turkish in World War 1, or the North Koreans, or the nations of the Middle East, or any other ethnic or cultural group that is already a target of the western media. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with war games — it would just be nice to get a different perspective from time to time. It would nice to stop playing the role of the heroic white person fighting against The Other. 7554 might be the refreshing change I'm after.

It's a $US12 PC game that has been described as Vietnam's answer to Call of Duty. Players take on the role of the Viet Minh communist revolutionaries again the French Union's French Far East Expeditionary Corps. Aside from being a war that hasn't been given much attention within the video game world, I think it's interesting to place the player in the shoes of the Vietnamese. It will be particularly interesting for me to be placed in said shoes given that my family fled Vietnam after the Vietnam War of the 1970s to escape communism...

In lighter news, Bullfrog's Theme Park has made a comeback on iPhone and it's... expensive.

Stephen Totilo (one of these days I will accidentally spell it as Tortilla and let it stay that way) dusted off his Nintendo 3DS, Minecraft's Pocket Edition is getting a Survival Mode, and Mr. Fahey looks into the problem with pathological gaming studies.

In short Vietnam makes its Call of Duty Theme Park is back and it's ready to screw you The resurgence of my Nintendo 3DS Survival mode coming to portable version of Minecraft The problem with pathological gaming studies


    That Theme Park thing's got to be wrong. If it's not, then this world truly is a scary place.

    TRACEEEEY! What happened to this weeks TAY? I need my fix. I've already started to get the shakes.

    God, Tracey, why are you such a racist?
    You people always have to bring race into it...

    Also, very entertaining WYWS intro. Although I'm not always interested in the articles that get pink-linked, I always look forward to when you guys change up the intro.

    Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android is 10c right now as a celebration of 10 billion downloads on the marketplace!


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