While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, stuff happened. Video games stuff. We could have prodded you awake with a broomstick (the prodding tool of choice), but instead we decided to pick the highlights from last night and post them right here. So get out of bed, do some push-ups, and get up to date!

When I first started writing about video games, I wasn't interested in reviewing or previewing them. I showed little interest in talking about what weapons a certain game would have or which game was worth a player's money. For me, reviews were seldom the most interesting pieces of writing. What really drew me to games writing were pieces like this, where a writer shares a personal experience they have had with a game and talks about how the game has enriched their lives (or how their own experiences have enriched their time with the game).

In this piece, Patricia Hernandez draws on a particularly personal experience of infidelity and ties it in with the game Catherine. It's an interesting look at the way games link in with our lives and it's worth a read. (And while I'm here, please keep the comments as respectful as possible — this post isn't an invitation to abuse a writer!)

Moving onto lighter things, we have some character art from Skyrim that's simple, beautiful, and detailed. It is also lacking in bacon.

If you're after a cool gaming set-up, this might inspire you to do something crazy... like set up a house of LAN. Over in Korea, Samsung gets a bit exploitative, and here's a look at PokePark 2!

In short A video game made me come clean about infidelity The yarls, jesters and thieves of Skyrim This house was built for LAN parties Samsung flies a nomadic Namibian to Korean video games Olympics in exploitative stunt Pikachu and more Pokemon take you on a tour of PokePark 2


    I played SWTOR last night (headstart), that was pretty awesome, and now i'm so tired my eyeballs are falling out..

    Guess what, didn't have to put in my code from the box.... so the hoohaa about grace period seems to have been for nothing.

      You will have to enter a product code before the 20th to continue playing after headstart.

        doesn't matter to me, i'm going overseas for 5 weeks on the 20th. :D, I'm just happy I got to play for 5 days before leaving. My box doesn't arrive until mid Jan according to amazon.

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