While You Were Sleeping

You fell asleep. Stuff happened. Therein lies the problem: what if you need to know about the stuff that happened? That's where we come in. Helping you digest the stuff that occurred, while you were sleeping.

What wizardry is this? The original Tony Hawk games featured awesome soundtracks. In fact, looking back, the music playing while you were in the midst of ridiculous combos was absolutely integral to the experience. So why, pray tell, in the new HD versions of THPS1 and THPS2, are they not using the same soundtrack? This is a no-brainer! Terrible choice in my humble opinion.

Sexism in the games industry has been a hot topic, both here at Kotaku and in general. Being perfectly honest, I've been a little disappointed in some of the comments on articles dealing with sexism. I'm going to link to this piece, because I think it's a great angle on a much discussed topic — but I'd like to ask for a bit more respect in the comments.

The GBA Advance list of games for the 3DS ambassador program has been released, and I'm pleasantly surprised. I was praying for the appearance of Metroid Fusion, and those prayers were answered — but even if that's not your bag, there's a whole list of classics available.

Also — Fruit Ninja Kinect has a christmas DLC update and it is now live. And would you like to hire an in-game bodyguard for online games? Think of this guy as a real life Lydia!

In Short In Which I Don't Try To Write Like A Man How To Hire An In Game Bodyguard And Why You Should Fruit Ninja Kinect's Christmas DLC Is Live Tony Hawk's HD Probably Won't Have The Original Soundtracks The Full GBA Advance Ambassador List For The 3DS


    I just realised this article was sitting here with no comments.


      Also. I've watched the video now. Cuteness overload!

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