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Christmas is over, some of you are back at work, like me, and if your boss isn't around, you may be looking for efficient ways to skive and check up on game news. That's where 'While You Were Sleeping' comes in — a quick and dirty way to get your update on the news coming in overnight in the most alt-tab friendly way possible!

The Paul Christoforo yarn seems to be coming to a (welcome) halt. It's interesting but despite the guy's obvious faults, some of this stuff is verging on bullying, which was what this whole movement was supposed to be railing against to begin with. This is of interest though: an interview with Christoforo himself on his internet infamy.

Ever wonder what Hideo Kojima looked like as a young, boisterous teenager? Um.. yeah. Me neither [shifty eyes]. Well, anyway, thank to Kojima's twitter, now you know!

This guy played DDR for over 16 hours, Zoidberg and Spiderman duke it out in this Skyrim battle royale, and this is the great Nintendo family portrait.

In Short Chastened Gaming Rep Paul Christoforo Responds To Internet Infamy Futurama's Dr Zoidberg Versus Spiderman In A Skyrim Battle Royale Hideo Kojima: The Wonder Years Man Plays Dance Dance Revolution For Over 16 Hours, Lives To Tell The Tale The Great Nintendo Family Portrait


    The Christoforo incident might be coming to an end, but the only way people will be satisfied is if he is left without a job. The interview he gave simply proves that he has learned nothing.

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