Who Will Win Kotaku’s GOTY 2011 Debate?

Who Will Win Kotaku’s GOTY 2011 Debate?

What was the best game of the year, according to those of us here at Kotaku? We don’t know. We don’t know… yet.

Throughout this week, we will present five Game of the Year arguments. Five Kotaku writers will present their case for GOTY. Others on the team will respond. Long time readers may discover that the arguments contain a special treat.

We will try to change each other’s minds during these debates, of course. Then we’ll vote and announce the winner.

For now, enjoy the arguments.


  • This year it’s difficult for me to say, I would say Skyrim but the PS3 version is broken,I would say Batman: Arkham City but the pc version (DX11) is also broken.Dues ex HR on pc was broken but at least they fixed that.Infact this year has seen many high profile games with buggy luanches, with that in mind I would say my favorite game would have been L.A. Noire.

  • It would be either Skyward Sword or Portal 2 for me. I enjoyed Skyward Sword more but at the same time there were a lot of problems I had with it that would probably make me lean more towards Portal 2 as GOTY

  • Skyrim actually isn’t in my top 3. I had a few nagging issues with it. Portal 2, The Witcher 2 and Human Revolution are my picks with Skyrim coming in fourth.

  • Arkham City would have to be my favourite. Such fun combat and fun story.
    Witcher 2 as my second. Best looking game i’ve ever seen and fantastic rpg mechanics and dynamic story.
    Was going to say Skyrim to be my third pick but Nba 2k12 pushes it out. Refined gameplay and constant game and roster updates make a great simulation

  • Portal was too short, BF3 was ok and MW3 was same old.
    The problem I have with Skyrim, its just not Fallout, which feels like it would have been
    a better choice. But in saying that it was
    still GOTY in my opinion.

  • For all it’s offers of choice, I still found deus ex: HR too linear, I just don’t think it had enough replay value, skyrim on the otherhand, I’m only onto my second character and I’m countless hours down, I think it’s the most fun I have had in a game for ages. for best MP game I don’t think anyone can go past BF3

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