Who Won The iCade?

Who wouldn't want to win an iCade? People who didn't have iPads I suppose, but if you are in possession of an iPad it makes quite the swell accessory. Last week we had a competition to win one of these bad boys — today we announce the winner.

As you may or may not recall, the competition demanded a four line poem in which every line rhymed wit iCade, or at least the sound 'ade'.

And the winner is... Robafett, with this little number.

Robafett As soon as I saw the image displayed I knew I must have an icade arcade Alas, I used to be a poet by trade Until to my knee an arrow had strayed

We had some humdingers though, so I'd like to post some of the others as honorable mentions.

FatShady My wife asked me to walk the dog and i obeyed, Told me to run a few errands, a mental note, i had made, The dog and I returned and my wife was dismayed, Turn’s out she said spade where I had heard spayed!


benanen I was born after the glory days of the arcade, And was content to let that history fade, Until some clever clogs made the iCade. Now it’s old school-charm has me swayed.

Puck My poor ipad always sits underplayed, Touch control just leaves me feeling dismayed, Let’s mod my pad with this cool retrograde, Take me back in time like I’m Tim from Braid.

Ruffleberg In Mass Effect I got laid In Saints Row I got paid In Skyrim I got slayed In Battlefield I threw a grenade In Uncharted I ripped-off the crusade All so I could win this arcade

Bukake Kane My eye’s took a double take for I was dismayed, FINALLY! a competition, ohhhh what’s this? an iCade? It’s retro design and shape, easily had me swayed, Yet alas, it would be uttelry useless for the 2nd Infinity Blade!

Chazz Chance to win an iCade. A deal for some, this was made. Many games to be replayed. Own an iPad? Not even if I was paid.

But to win an iCade. It does sound top grade. Problem is for iPad it’s made. A stupid “gaming” charade.

My disdain displayed. Not a bit delayed. Again, for iFans this was made. Intelligence for iProducts, they did trade.

Their minds not swayed. My welcome overstayed. Their retorts cliched. Mindless sheep, I’m afraid.

Has my point been conveyed? If not, I’m dismayed. Tough work is made When dealing with the iDiot brigade.

Well done to Robafett, and thanks to everyone who entered!


    We have to wait for the winners to be revealed a day at a time? Nooooooo, the tension!

    Well done Robafett! Personally, I've got my fingers crossed for the Aliens Blu Rays tomorrow...

      Pretty sure I won that one.

        That's cool, you can have one too: "Win! One Of Three Awesome Aliens Vs Predator Box Sets"

        *high five*

          Cool, and I must've got at least one of the sets for my awesome entry.


            I'm sorry, but I think you'll find that 3rd one is for me, Shane :P

    Awesome.. congrats Robafett

    I got a mention.. WOOO

    WOOHOO that's awesome. I would also like to formally appologise for the arrow to the knee reference haha

    Congrats all round. Honourable mention FTW!

    Congratulations guys. Can't wait for the other results.

    I knew as soon as I saw it that Robafett would win; very well deserved. The funniest iteration of the arrow joke :P

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