Why Epic Isn't Making A Vita Game (Yet)

Mike Capps, president of Gears of War and Unreal Engine powerhouse Epic, gives one reason why his company isn't yet developing a game for the PlayStation Vita.

Considering he also told GI.biz in an interview, "I'm not sure how well it's going to be accepted in our Western market which is primarily where our games sell", it's fairly clear where the company's opinions on Sony's upcoming handheld lie.

That's not to say there won't be Unreal Engine-powered games on the Vita, because there are. There just isn't one coming from Epic itself. And from the sounds of it, won't be for some time.

Epic Win [GI.biz]


    Well one thing is for sure it would be nice to see a good EPIC game on the vita, but basically that initial press conference announcement of the vita were EPIC was there, they were there to basically say that there engine will support the vita which is vital for the system.

    I believe along with many, the fate of the system in western countries like the United states lies with Call of duty, if its unique to that system and is as good as the consoles then it could be that killer app the system needs to break out.

      But there's already Call of Duty games on phones which are cheaper to make and are priced lower... it's hard to compete with that...

      :-P /sarcasm

        uuhhh, i have an ipod touch and an HTC phone and the call of duty games on those may be cheap but they are shit, no offense to the creators, but it is simply difficult to design games on portable devices with limited hardware that would perform like the games on consoles such as the 360 or the ps3. But with the Vita, if you look at the kind of specs and power they have crammed into it it will definately be capable to run games like the Call of Duty at the same speed, with only a port required, no remastering. And im pretty sure that even if it is $50+ for the game that ALOT of people, me included wouldn't mind paying that to be able to play Modern warfare 3 or whatever on the move and be able to connect to ps3 users and such. And if you couple that with the 3G model that means you can, for example if your a COD fan. Sign in to your PSN and play online/rank up your call of duty anywhere! thats fkin epic

          Yeah I know, I was pointing out that the 'call of duty' on phones are not anything at all like the Call of Duty that would be possible on a PSVita. I used sarcasm tho... guess that could have added some ambiguity

    Couldn't have anythign to do with the fact that they are predominantly a Xbox developer. And then an iphone developer

    Epic really haven't made alot of games though.

    they have the 3 Gears titles. 2 infinity blade titles, and shadow complex.

    Sure they own People can Fly now. Which is the only multiplat title they have put out in year's

      i semi forgot unreal tournament 3. But that's because i still prefer the 2004 version. Which is that long ago it's nearly a non issue

        I prefer their PC titles, myself.

    I think Epic may have some reason to not directly support it as they may tread on Microsofts toes despite not being first party. I'M SAYING MAYBE.
    The Vita will be huge in Japan and very big in Europe. The USA are of a different mindset with there brands so Sony will need to work harder to compete there but if it is a huge hit Epic may make a killer game for it.

      If they're looking at it from a business perspective that it may not be costly for them to produce a game and not lose any money from it, fair enough. But I don't think they would avoid it incase they hurt Microsoft's feelings - sure they share one IP with MS, but other than that, Epic are their own company.

      Besides, MS cannot complain when they aren't even in the market of handheld gaming.

    I know where he's coming from, but it still irks me. I'd like it a lot more if the value of this machine as a GAMES system was more respected, than a phone with some games slapped on top.

      Dedicated gaming devices > devices with a few gaming features.

    That's like Penguin coming out and saying they won't be publishing anymore novels because they've read magazines and it's hard to compete with that.

      No thats like penguin coming out and saying they won't publish novels for a culture that prefers to read magazines.

        Not really. His statement might be a reflection of the "culture" that says "I don't need a computer because my phone already does Facebook", but that's not what he said.

      I kinda imagined the Batman villain coming out of the sewer and saying that. Threw me a bit.

        lol, in a cockney accent no less

    Maybe theres just not enough different shades of brown in the Vita's colour palette?

    As someone who is holding a PSVita right now, I have to tend to agree with him. While it's a novel concept, as a gamer I don't see this being hugely popular. Then again I could be wrong /shrug

    So they see no value in having the Unreal Engine running on PS Vita and allowing easy PS3 / PSV cross-platform development? Talk about a missed opportunity.

    A phone would be a great gaming platform, except:

    A) If I use it as a gaming platform, my battery will be flat when I actually need to make a call.
    B) Touchscreen controls suck for almost every game that wasn't specifically designed for touchscreens.

    I realise that Epic are focussing on their iphone stuff right now, but it seems kinda childish to make out as if the PSV sucks because it isn't a freaking iphone. And lets be honest, despite his carefully chosen words, that's what Capps was doing.

    I think one of there concerns may also be the fact that the PSP's life in the market didn't go so well, and not just because Nintendo already had the market.
    The network was poorly maintained and the titles slowly started to die out as the years went on thanks to apple and Nintendos grasp on the portable market. I loved my psp. it was a brilliant device but after the major company's had there shot it felt like sony were trying to forget it too. especially after they realized hackers could jailbreak the system. Sony did try to bring the system back to life but i dont think removing the umd tray was one of the wisest ideas and it showed when they decided to discontinue the GO!. from a business perspective they could produce a title for the system and turn a nice profit because they are a known brand.though its unsure whether the Vita will last long as a high seller. and as much effort as sony's put into it the product at the start, we may end up seeing a repeat of whats already happened before where the opposition keep there grasp on the market and Sony eventually stops caring again.

    I'd probably agree with him as well. 99% of the time I use my phone for games (stuff like game dev story is top notch!), and only use my DS on the rare occasion where i have to attend a school function/whatever and can LAN some pokemon or mario kart with my friends.... A handheld console like the DS does well because the games are very 'unique' for it's function, e.g Pokemon.... while with this PS Vita we are basically seeing PS3 games downgraded to fit on it, which I really don't think will work as well at all.

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