Wii-Owning President Obama Doesn’t Care If The Xbox Version Is Better

Wii-Owning President Obama Doesn’t Care If The Xbox Version Is Better

Somewhere inside the Beltway today, copies of Just Dance 3 for the Wii and The Sims Plus Pets rode in a presidential caravan with the nuclear football. That, gang, is core game cred.

President Obama picked up the two titles on a photo-op shopping trip to an Alexandria, Va., Best Buy, where he bought gifts for his two daughters and vetoed an associate’s upsell to the Xbox 360 version of Just Dance 3. (The Obamas apparently do not have that console.)

Presidential photo opportunities are total theatre, containing many hidden messages. CBS News mentioned that an earlier stop to a PetSmart “kept the tab to just over $US40,” noting that $US40 is what the White House says the average family can expect to lose per paycheck if Congressional Republicans don’t extend a payroll tax cut as proposed by the president. 40 dollars is, also, a common price for some PC and Wii games.

But here at Kotaku, we dug for deeper meanings as to why Obama would choose these two titles specifically. The answers may shock you.

The Sims is made by Electronic Arts. Now, Peter Moore, as a dang foreigner, is prohibited from making campaign donations. But not EA CEO John Riccitiello. According to

Obama Goes Christmas Shopping at Best Buy [CBS; image by the Associated Press]


  • The Obamas apparently do not have that console.

    I imagine that a Microsoft representative is fixing that small problem right now.

  • thanks a lot for ruining the surprise journalist!
    I can see the headline’s now. Obama buys his daughters ‘Just dance 3’ and ‘The sims: pets’ oh, and by the way kids, Santa’s not real!

  • I just spent 20 minutes on google to find an old political cartoon from a few years ago that was made after Obama spent several speeches blaming ‘the Xboxes’ for all the problems of the nation’s youth or whatnot and then making dissmissive comments about how he can’t figure out how they work anyhow… anyways, the cartoon showed Obama looking bewildered at an Xbox Controller and then there was a labeled image of the controller showing various actions/policies associated with each button as a ‘controls chart’ for a game called “Limited Government”…

    I recall the labels being pretty specific to the time but all pretty legitimate critiques of his Administration…

    So 20 minutes later I can’t find ONE TRACE of it on the whole of the internets… all I can find is this one:
    over and over and over again… which is depressing because this one has been changed and is much less funny and the art has been changed to be crappier and in color. And they took out most of the labels and replaced them with attacks on personal character instead of policies…

    I love how the Internet saves crap for posterity but the good ‘original’ always seems to get lost to time…

    That was a bit of a long post wasn’t it? 😛 sorry for the rant/ramble.

    Continue with your day, please…

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