Win! A Rayman Canvas, A Collectible Assassin's Creed Book And A Copy Of Marvel vs Capcom 3!

Yep, that's a lot of stuff. A lot of awesome stuff. Stuff I almost decided to shove into my oversized backpack and take home for myself, but I showed restraint. This stuff should go to a deserving reader. I already have stuff. It is you who is need of stuff. Not I.

But first, let's recap on the stuff.

- 1 x super rad Rayman Origins Canvas. It looks great. - 1 x super high quality Assassin's Creed art book. This is an incredible thing actually. - 1 x copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3

I'm sure you'll agree — that's quite the haul.

'How do I enter?' That's the question I assume you're all wordlessly mouthing/screaming at the moment.

So here it is: in 25 words or less, tell me where you would hang this gorgeous piece of Rayman art. The funniest/cleverest/best entry wins! Drop your answers in the comments below and we'll announce the winner next week.

Terms and conditions can be found here.


    I'd hang it up at work so I know I can look forward to some Rayman when I go home!

    Back of toilet door. For looking at when I poop.


    i put it up on the roof of my girlfriends bed so she knows what i want for xmax

    I'd hang it up close to my router, just in case I lose the wifi signal and Ubisoft's always-on DRM kicks in.

    Obviously I would use it to cover the hole in the wall caused from raging at Dark Souls

    I'd hang it opposite a mirror in my house, so it's like I have TWO of them.

    Around my neck. I would walk around wearing it as a necklace.


    You've been super generous this week with the contests, Mark. Someone's feeling super christmassy :D

    On a slight angle in the entrance to a museum dedicated to video game art. Such a building would be glorious.

    Too precious to hang up. I would store in a safe deposit box and commission a copy to hang in my nerd cave.

    I'll hang it next to my grandmas ashes.

    I would hang the georgous Rayman Art off the rear view mirror in my car. Little tree air fresheners are soo last week.

    on my bedroom i can look at it when sexoring

    I would place it just outside of an arm's length away, so you would need Rayman-style detached hands to reach it. To keep the burglars away.

    PS: is it marvel vs capcom on PS3 or 360?

      Picture looks very much like 360 (top left)

        Yeah I did think that was the case, but perhaps it's just for the picture.

    Over my PC monitor. It freezes on a black screen every startup, I'd much rather stare at Rayman than waste time trying to fix it.

    In my kids' room! that would've been mad to look at when I was little. Now all I need is to collect some children to call my kids...

      I believe most playgrounds should have an ample supply for you to claim.

    I'd hang it above my shoes at the front door, to remind me that they'll still be needed even if I somehow lose my limbs.

    Whilst playing my latest game I'd hang it on my girlfriend's face, providing aesthetic serenity to an otherwise unwanted distraction.

    I'm surprised I'm not single...

    I would hang it up with an assassin hook blade with spider-man holding it all together to take a picture of rayman. This ones for J.J

    On the ceiling of my bedroom. Last 30 minutes.

    I'd hang it in my new baby son's nursery so I can subliminally program him to be a gamer just like his pa.

    I would hang it on my TV. Then I would claim that 3D technology is so great these days that you can "feel the textures".

    In the front hall of my house, so everyone knows I'm a gamer and if they don't recognise it I get to educate them.

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