Win! A Rayman Canvas, A Collectible Assassin’s Creed Book And A Copy Of Marvel vs Capcom 3!

Win! A Rayman Canvas, A Collectible Assassin’s Creed Book And A Copy Of Marvel vs Capcom 3!

Yep, that’s a lot of stuff. A lot of awesome stuff. Stuff I almost decided to shove into my oversized backpack and take home for myself, but I showed restraint. This stuff should go to a deserving reader. I already have stuff. It is you who is need of stuff. Not I.

But first, let’s recap on the stuff.

– 1 x super rad Rayman Origins Canvas. It looks great. – 1 x super high quality Assassin’s Creed art book. This is an incredible thing actually. – 1 x copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3

I’m sure you’ll agree — that’s quite the haul.

‘How do I enter?’ That’s the question I assume you’re all wordlessly mouthing/screaming at the moment.

So here it is: in 25 words or less, tell me where you would hang this gorgeous piece of Rayman art. The funniest/cleverest/best entry wins! Drop your answers in the comments below and we’ll announce the winner next week.

Terms and conditions can be found here.


  • I’d hang it up close to my router, just in case I lose the wifi signal and Ubisoft’s always-on DRM kicks in.

  • I would hang the georgous Rayman Art off the rear view mirror in my car. Little tree air fresheners are soo last week.

  • I would place it just outside of an arm’s length away, so you would need Rayman-style detached hands to reach it. To keep the burglars away.

  • Over my PC monitor. It freezes on a black screen every startup, I’d much rather stare at Rayman than waste time trying to fix it.

  • In my kids’ room! that would’ve been mad to look at when I was little. Now all I need is to collect some children to call my kids…

  • I’d hang it above my shoes at the front door, to remind me that they’ll still be needed even if I somehow lose my limbs.

  • Would hang it on a rayman statue placed on top of the game case so I can have rayman on my rayman on my rayman.

  • Whilst playing my latest game I’d hang it on my girlfriend’s face, providing aesthetic serenity to an otherwise unwanted distraction.

    I’m surprised I’m not single…

  • I would hang it up with an assassin hook blade with spider-man holding it all together to take a picture of rayman. This ones for J.J

  • I would hang it on my TV. Then I would claim that 3D technology is so great these days that you can “feel the textures”.

  • In the front hall of my house, so everyone knows I’m a gamer and if they don’t recognise it I get to educate them.

  • I’ve got no space to hang it. I’d see if I could auction it at Mana Bar and donate proceeds to the starlight foundation.

  • Hang it? No way! I’d put it atop a shopping trolley full of random objects, add some stuffed Rabbids and place the whole thing front and centre in my living room.

    What? I love Rabbids.

  • From my office doorway, so that people have to duck to come in. The lady I share an office with might not like that much.

  • I’d use a Portal gun and place lots of in/out termini at famous locations, so it would hang just about everywhere.

  • At work, so I can always be reminded – no matter what happens, there’s always a place that rewards you for punching things.

  • I’d hang that lovely picture in my office.

    At the moment it’s nothing but cream, charts and calendars. Need some Rayman to break the alliteration.

  • On my First aid kid, just so I remember that losing a hand is not the end of the world. (how many times has he lost his hannd now?)

    • dawg – dats what i need, yo! I kid fo first aid! Save me hell-lots o time n i won’t be need no cracker-ass hospital when i get shot no mo!

  • Rather than hanging it, I’d just have it next to me on the couch so that when I give up on chasing that damn treasure chest I could simply hold it up and look at it to slowly acclimatise myself to my surroundings. Seeing as every time I do those levels and then look away from the tv everything is still freekin’ moving!!!!!

    ps. I’m so glad you’re giving away something to do with Rayman Origins, if only for the fact that it get’s more recognition and more people pick up this amazing game!

  • This fine piece of art would be a fitting centrepiece to my backyard hammock laden flame tree. Originally a bare and baron tree the flame tree found a personality and character of its own when the first hammock was hung up in late October. The tree enjoyed a week of single hammockdom, offering a place of refuge and chillaxing to all who graced its branches, yet it desired more.

    To answer the cries of this beautiful tree we purchased another hammock and hung it up on the other side of tree. Now the flame tree became an afternoon retreat for two housemates to chill out in, listen to the birds and catch the final rays of sunshine for the day. Yet still the tree wanted more, for another housemate desired a space to chill but was devoid of any hammock to call their own. So we hung up the third hammock and commenced the first communal housemate chilling session. It wasn’t long before we heard whispers through the branches, ‘what of your guests?’ the tree would ask, ‘there’s still room for one more.’ The tree was right it would be selfish of us to enjoy this alone, we needed more space for our guests to enjoy it as well. So we acquired two more hammocks, hung them up and finally the tree was full.

    Five hammocks in the one tree. It has been dubbed the ultimate chilling space, the greatest rig ever made and the epitome of relaxation. Recently the flame tree has come into bloom and been sprouting new branches, leaves and flowers creating a foliage like no other. Now when you enter one of the five hammocks you feel like you’re being transported to another world of unprecedented beauty and possibility, much like the Glade of Dreams in Rayman.

  • Above my desk for inspiration: Not for the art, but for the constant reminder that even a large-nosed quadruple amputee can save the world!

  • yo dawg, fo reezy? Where wouldn’t we hang?! We’d be hangin at da local maccas, checkin out dem fly hunniez.
    We’d be hangin at da beach, gettin our mad tan on, yo.
    We’d be hangin a the local, sippin forty n champs, like bone thugs n harmony.
    Check dis shiz, holmes – me n ray-dizzle, in ma hizzle watching carizzle netizzle of foxtizzle, if yo be feelin ma mad note!

    Yeah dawg – we be hangin n sheeeeeeeet – fo lyf

    *awkward gangsta pose*

    • point out dats ova da word limit an’ me an’ Raymizzle will drive by yo hizzle and bust a MAD cap in yo knee!!!

  • I would definately put it over my wifes face make her more attractive to look at for myself and many other people worldwide.

  • It would have to go on the cubicle at work. So that I’ve got something to stare whimsically at… when not reading Kotaku of course.

  • I’d rig it up in the living room with magnetic holders like those floating pens, one at each corner and one at the top for balance – and make the magnet holders in the shape of his hands and feet.

  • I would hang it next to my Dustin Hoffman “Rain man” poster. Explaining the two your hard of hearing grandma would be most hilarious.

  • I’d hang it up as a battle banner so my enemies will fear my liking of Rayman as I charge them with bayonets. It might also distract them and convert a few of them too, I hope.

  • Well I’d put it on the mantle right in place of my grandfathers urn, cheer the place up a bit before Christmas I dare say.

  • I will put in on my kitchen table and use it as the tray for my food so that I can look at the amazing art while eating.

  • Right in front of my TV screen, because who needs TV when you have that beauty?

    I didn’t read all the comments so far, so if thats already been done, I’m sorry!

  • I would hang it up agaisnt my Xbox hopefully it can cool his hot heart with a cool island setting and finally stop red ringing.

  • On the face of a lovedoll (Who’s arms and legs are strategically severed) and make sweet sweet love to rayman every night, and some mornings

  • The art shall feature in a prominent cluster of globs, in my posterior inferior temporal cortex, so I might continue to experience those vibrant hues.

  • It would join my other two photobooks on my coffee table for everyone to truly appreciate the beauty of Assassin’s Creed. The paintings cool too.

  • Behind my laptop screen at work, so theres always something to remind me that the day will inevitably end, and theres something better out there

  • Behind 3 inches of glass, a frame 2 metres thick, and a security cord 10 metres away from it ala Mona Lisa. No cameras allowed.

  • I think the real question is, where wouldn’t I hang it? I definitely wouldn’t hang it on my dog, I don’t have a dog.

  • thats easy, in the garage with all the rest of my cool posters. when I get home I’ll even tweet you photo evidence!

    thats right my wife doesnt allow me to decorate my awesome house with the awesomeness of awesome posters.

    Its not like I work my arse off for 38 hrs a week in a meaningless soul sucking job or nothin…

    do I get disqualified for going over 25 words???

  • In my room, but only after getting it signed by Michel Ancel, along with a written agreement that he will finish BGE 2 next year.

  • Opposite my bed so that I can admire it while I caress my hugging pillow with the life sized Michel Ancel printed on it.

  • Where to hang it?

    The Mate(Man) Cave, as it’s already the ultimate motivational poster, where it shows how me and a few mates can use teamwork to achieve our goals!

    • shit… 25 words…

      Mate(Man) Cave, it’s already the ultimate motivational poster, it shows how me and a few mates can use teamwork to achieve our goals!

  • I wouldn’t hang it, per se, but I would let it float by my torso. That’s how stuff works in Rayman, right?

    • Wow your’e right…. Mayby it’s so awesome they fell over and took the picture because they were so stunned by awesomeness 😉

  • You know that hotel that has invited people to try and steal the Banksy artwork behind the lobby desk? I’ll swap it with that.

  • On the TV so I can pretend I’m playing Rayman Origins. I’m a cheapskate – why else would I be trying to score free stuff?

  • I would have a glass sheet made so that I could eat every meal off my unique one of a kind rayman generations plate. I could pass it around at parties with bright yellow fairy cakes* and say they were lums!! It will be the highlight of all my dinner parties! I’ll be the toast of the town, you wait and see!

    *fairy cakes are cupcakes but with little wings ontop for those not well versed in the baking arts.

  • Riveted to ready receptacle resting ‘tween roof and rug, righteously raised to regal residence to be regarded with reverence required of rad radiant Rayman resemblance.

  • I’ll hang it by my window. That way when the sun rises I can turn to my wife and say, ‘Look it’s a ray…man.’

  • I wouldn’t hang it off something, I’d hang my roommate off of it! That ba***rd’s been in my section of the fridge again. Dammit Glenn!

  • Over my calendar of attractive women wearing very little clothing, because Rayman gets me more excited than that. Also, the calendar’s about to expire.

  • I’d hang it in the kitchen so when I make my sandwiches I know what i’m missing out on when i’m making my sandwiches. And so it will remind me to get a girlfriend at some point.

    • As to carry on with the popular internet meme of sexism (women-skillz, kitchens and sammiches)

      Or more appropriately move back in with Mum so she can make them for me. Since she does make a good sammich..

  • Given the state of my “Post Apocalypse” styled garden. In front of my bedroom window so I’d finally have something nice to look at.

  • I’d hang it up in my office at Kotaku and laugh “those silly fools actually think someone wins these! HA HA HA”

  • Anywhere on my ceiling… My cats have only worked out how to climb walls thus far….

    besides if I placed it on the wall with my wedding photos, my grandmother might tell me about how she used to hang around together with those people back when hamsters on wheels were used to power up the town…

  • I would hang it in that nice little room at the top of the Monteriggioni villa, alongside the paintings Ezio paints of his victims in ACII.

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