Win An iCade And Turn Your iPad Into An Arcade

I don't have an iPad. I keep asking myself — what would I use it for? Now I know. I would buy an iCade and turn my iPad into a small arcade. We're giving away one of the funky gadget things, and all you have to do to win, is write us a little poem.

The only catch is this: every line in the poem must rhyme with 'Arcade', specifically the 'ade' part.

For example...

I went to the arcade, I had just gotten paid, I threw a grenade, And my pants were all frayed.

Simple right? All we need is a four line poem as above. The funniest one wins and the subject can be... anything you want!

Thanks to iWorldAustralia for providing the prize — you can find out more about the iCade and other products here.

The terms and conditions for the competition can be found here.


    If only i had an iPad

    I've seen this on the net SOOO much and always thught how rad it is.. but i'll never own an iPad... lol

    In bed I laid,
    Drinking Lemonade,
    Learning First-Aid
    Thinking "I could use an iCade"

    got one - lovz it - was playing Ghost & Goblins on it yesterday in fact...
    but... Only good with iMame4all and iOS 4.3.2 or before (JB)
    Atari games (except centipede) are cr@pola
    - Rey -

    My wife asked me to walk the dog and i obeyed,
    Told me to run a few errands, a mental note, i had made,
    The dog and I returned and my wife was dismayed,
    Turn's out she said spade where I had heard spayed!

    Man it's good to have competitions back... and I have a iPad which until now my wife has claimed... This would be an awesome way to take it back!

    hello I bade
    but they revealed a blade
    they were gonna space invade
    so I stayed

    One Sunday night I wanted to get laid
    My girfriend's interest started to fade
    Pulled out my iPad and mini arcade
    She played with the joystick; I had it made.

    Apple waving it's document of Courtade,
    Samsung looking for some legal aid,
    We all jumped to their aid,
    "Battle it out on an iCade!"

    Google Courtade...

    Went to get some retro action at the arcade
    All they had was skilltesters so I shouldn't have stayed
    For a plushie Yoshi, $50 was surely paid
    Next time I'll stay home with my new *wink, wink* iCade

      Just noticed this in the Terms and Conditions:

      "The promotion commences at 15.00 am AEST on 12 December 2011 and closes at 12:00pm AEST on 12 December 2011 ("the Promotional Period")."

      That means the competition was over before it begun. *spooky ghost noises*

    As a child a Hunter I played.
    With helmet, armour, shield and blade.
    Now I'm an adult, I work to get paid.
    These god damn reports my only prey.

    I sat at a bar, drinking drinks they purveyed,
    With a couple of girls I that I had already surveyed.
    That they'd be shy for some fun, I was afraid,
    But with a wink and a smile my fears were allayed.
    So back to my house, on our way we made,
    Thankful I was, several times I had prayed.
    But during the fun, I was much dismayed,
    To find out that I had been severely betrayed.
    They were guys and not girls, keeping up a charade,
    But I shrugged and said Meh - At least I'll get laid

      Four line poem huh, guess I need to read things more.

      Oh well, killed some time for me.

    to all the geeks that may never get laid
    go out and grab yourself a fun icade
    get some use from mrs Palmer
    and play arcade that little bit harder

    I once went to an arcade
    To perform a gaming raid
    But soon I became dismayed
    As their getaway, the machines had made.


      This gets my vote.

    I was born after the glory days of the arcade,
    And was content to let that history fade,
    Until some clever clogs made the iCade.
    Now it's old school-charm has me swayed.

    My poor ipad always sits underplayed,
    Touch control just leaves me feeling dismayed,
    Let’s mod my pad with this cool retrograde,
    Take me back in time like I’m Tim from Braid.

    My eye's took a double take for I was dismayed,
    FINALLY! a competition, ohhhh what's this? an iCade?
    It's retro design and shape, easily had me swayed,
    Yet alas, it would be uttelry useless for the 2nd Infinity Blade!

    In Mass Effect I got laid
    In Saints Row I got paid
    In Skyrim I got slayed
    In Battlefield I threw a grenade
    In Uncharted I ripped-off the crusade
    All so I could win this arcade

    Hardly get paid
    Never get laid
    This life I have made
    Can I have an iCade?

    My love won't ever fade
    Never will I trade
    Would protect with a blade
    If only I had an iCade!

    I can win an iCade?
    If I win I won't have to wait to get paid!
    But my rhymes are beaten by others that are made...
    Stuff this, I'm going to WoW to raid.

    I wan't an icade,
    It might get me laid,
    I started to write,
    What I read was a fright,
    Threw it all in the bin,
    I'll never win :(

    Making a trade,
    It's looking pretty lame,
    My offerings are quite tame,
    I should've traded for an iCade.

    Look at what I could have made,
    the joy that would be saved,
    If only I had paid,
    to get an iCade.

    I once met a girl, I got laid

    A month on, no period, I prayed

    No rubber? You idiot! I sprayed

    Turns out I dreamt the escapade

    I've chopped and flayed,
    tossed many a grenade,
    weilded blade after blade,
    for the love of arcade.

    It sucks how virtual controls are displayed,
    Trying to see things where my fingers are laid,
    But now I can use an iCade,
    And choose how my games will be played.

    Chance to win an iCade.
    A deal for some, this was made.
    Many games to be replayed.
    Own an iPad? Not even if I was paid.

    But to win an iCade.
    It does sound top grade.
    Problem is for iPad it's made.
    A stupid "gaming" charade.

    My disdain displayed.
    Not a bit delayed.
    Again, for iFans this was made.
    Intelligence for iProducts, they did trade.

    Their minds not swayed.
    My welcome overstayed.
    Their retorts cliched.
    Mindless sheep, I'm afraid.

    Has my point been conveyed?
    If not, I'm dismayed.
    Tough work is made
    When dealing with the iDiot brigade.

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