Win! One Of Three Awesome Aliens Vs Predator Box Sets

It's day two of our competition week. We're giving something away every single day, and today's prize is a little bit special: an awesome Blu-ray Aliens vs Predator boxset.

We have three to give away, and each winner receives the following...

• Premium Collection of all 9 Alien / Predator / AVP with 2 bonus discs • Holographic packaging • 10 Collector cards • 10 page book with matt lamination • Limited Edition Giger print collector card

Entering this competition is simple. In the comments below we want you to create the best possible tough guy catchphrase possible — feel free to add the context of the situation in which it's used if necessary.

I'm of awesome Arnie style catchphrases such as "He's DEAD Tired" or "Let off some steaaaaam, Bennett". The Predator series in general is well known for its awesome catchphrases, so let's hear some quality originals for this comp! Drop them in the comments below and we'll announce the winners one week from now!

Terms and conditions can be found here!


    "click click click CLICK click clickclickclick"

    English is not adequate to bear the sheer awesomeness of this Predator smack talk

    "You are one ugly mother.... no wait, now that I look at you, you have a certain rugged appeal, the way the sun glints off the blood dripping from your razor sharp fangs, your black shark like eyes that ache with an evil hunger... Oh to hell with conventional standards of beauty, you're gorgeous, KISS ME!!"

    After all, there's nothing saying you can't be a tough guy AND a hopeless romantic

      Now for the all important survey question: Why do you like these movies? :P

    I'm a one man army and your about to meet my artillery!

    "Tonight, you dine on shell"
    Said just prior to pulling the trigger on the shotgun strategically located inside alien's mouth

    I'm a one man army and your about to meet my artillery!! BOOM!!

    "Chuck Norris is scared of me. Start running."

    "I hope you like laughter, because you're about to die of it"

    "Hello Alien. I'm Steven Seagul."

    *Stares at Alien. Alien drops dead*

      To predator; "Why don't you take a seat right there."

      To alien; "I'm afraid your visa has expired"

        Whoops that wasn't meant as a reply :S

          Mine was just so super awesome that you needed to make sure yours was seen next to it to stand a chance at winning ;)

            Of course. Yours makes use of Steven Seagull. The action hero from such films as; Chico Above the Caw, On Sandy Ground and Out For A Chip.

    *finishes ice-cream*
    "You have just been Licked"

    "You're going to go across the street and get me some orange sherrrberrrt"

    "If it bleeds, we can make its bodily functions of interest to historians"

    Undercover as a waiter in a restaurant about to serve a dish.

    "Here you sir, a sandwich served with a side of fist" BAMMM

    Haha OMG so lame. How many arrow to the knee lines will there be??

    "Hello. You've reached Arnolds pizza shop. I'm not here now, I'm out killing pepperoni! If you want to reach me, if you want a pizza, I don't care cuz I'm not here, Can't you realize that idiot! But if you need a pizza sometime during the next few days, I can have it delivered to you. Or maybe I will staple it to you! I don't care what you want on it, every pizza comes with pepperoni and with 9 millimeter bullets on it. If you don't like it, I don't care cuz you'll recieve one anyhow! The only difference is, maybe the 9 millimeter bullets will be in a gun or, maybe they'll be on your pizza! If you don't fuck around,I'll give you good pizza. If you do fuck around, I'll take a pepperoni and punch it through your head! So, if you want mushroom, shut up! If you want broccoli, what the hell is broccoli anyway, shut up with the broccoli! If you want something crazy like pineapple, I'LL KILL YOU! If you like pepperoni and bullets, you've come to the right place. If not you're an idiot, you deserve to die! So, leave your name, number, serial number, how tall you are, weather you're seseptible to any deseases and, if you are, I'll come over. Maybe I'll give you a pizza, maybe I'll break off your arm!"*

    *not original, just wanted to share the hilariousness. Can't remember where I saw/heard it but my cousin and I always quote it together.

    "Well Mr.Vladamir i guess you time is 140%....overdue!"

    I used to be a tough guy with an awesome catchphrase just like you, and so I put an arrow in Arnie.

    'And you thought the new predator movie sucks' uttered before flipping the switch on an industrial vacuum that sucks brain matter out of an aliens ear canal

    Arnold - "You should clone yourself", "so you can go F*** yourself"
    Arnold - "Come with me if you want to live."
    CM Punk - "YOU HAVE A VAGINA!"
    Samuel - "Does he look like a BITCH?!"
    Sylvester and Richard - "What do we do...?", ".........F***'EM!"

    All the ones i can remember without looking them up. hope they're tough enough!

    "You want some of this you [email protected]#%ING SONS OF B!%@#ES? Well too bad, this is mine, you can't have it. Stay the hell back! Mine!"

    *grab a grenade with the letters N, A and P on them and shove it into the villain's mouth, before kicking them off an aircraft carrier that is in mid-air after being dropped by a giant Russian plane*

    "Take a dirt nap, mother****er"

    Game over, man! Game over! Shit, wait... there's one continue left?!?! Boss!

    Undercover as a waiter in a restaurant about to serve a dish.

    "Here you sir, a sandwich served with a side of fist" BAMMM
    Haha OMG so lame. How many arrow to the knee lines will there be??

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