The Best Worst Heavy Metal LARP Video Ever

So there I was, hanging out on the internet and minding my own business, when this music video dropped in my lap. It was created by a metal band called "Alternate Reality". It's for a song called "The King That Never Was" and it involves Arthurian legend, swordplay, and some serious costumery.

"Okay," I thought. "I like fantasy. I like metal. I will watch this. How bad can it be?"

In fact, it is amazingly bad. Its badness is the stuff of immediate legend. It is so bad that it comes all the way around and becomes good, then rams its way back into wretchedness before emerging from its own wreckage like some sort of phoenix. It is so incredible it makes me want to never play guitar again. It is so terrible it makes me want to never play guitar again.

In all seriousness: Bravo to you, Alternate Reality, for believing in something so hard and for somehow putting together the budget to make this video. It's goofy, it's ridiculous and I genuinely love it.

Now please, can someone make a machinima version of this video set in Skyrim?


    the starting song is used in alot of videos...all i thought about when hearing this was epic meal time. oh ye, the song was bad as well, i don't think i can do any better tho. lol.

    This is not the worst anything.

    It's the best thing I've ever seen ... ever.

      I challenge you to say that about this video: The actual best worst metal video ever - French Black Metal (apparently)

      I ended up cutting one ear off and setting of fireworks in the other to try n drown out the sound. Didnt work.

        Wiah!!! I laughed hard. Is that guy singing in front of a sideshow of pictures of a graveyard!?!?

        It's pretty good. But I still gotta give props to Alternate Reality, the opening lyric is "there's a sanction on the Druid religion" and that's pretty .... Uh .... epic

        You sir have just made me an instant FAN! hahaha! Just had a look
        at his other clips.

        He travels around in his ufo, lands on a random planet or asteroid,
        looks at it and then gets really pissed off at it and everything he
        sees around him. Even the universe gets his dissaproval!!
        Fadades for president!!

    Thats pretty bad, and im usually a sucker for cheesy video clips and even bad B movies. kinda reminds me of killswitch engages' version of holy diver though

      KSEs Holy Diver was awesome.

      I stopped watching this not long after the dude started singing. He just doesn't have the voice.

    Bewbs. Terrible terrible terrible narration and a crappy power metal soundtrack. What kinda metal singer wears a shirt from like, I dunno, Target. With a shitty Tap-Out inspired design, via Warhammer. I am confused. My emotions are so skewed.

    Wow I was waiting for the potential lesbian pornography to start with the two women but then the metal kicked in ruining everything.... damn it!

    So where's the heavy metal? All I hear is rock with punk roots.

      Agreed, it's not really very metal. But it's not punk at all. Well, maybe it's punk if you think of punk as starting in the 90s with Greenday/offspring.

        My apologies, I should have been more specific. (I mean that in a non-sarcastic manner). By punk roots, I did mean 90's greenday/offspring punk.

    Awww, so disappointed they weren't in costume while playing their instruments.

    Killer song like the video too :P

    Hail to the King (that never was) baby.

    I was disappointed they said "was it just myth or reality... " because I instantly thought "Is this the real life, or is it just fantasy".

    Still, that was some highly entertaining Cheese Metal there.

    First I was like :| , but when the band started playing XD

    Sometimes, you can just tell that a certain video is a joke video... But this... I just can't comprehend... Everything about it is insanely awful, to the very basic instrumental skills of the band to the identity crisis stricken singer...

    What I love most is this is the OFFICIAL video! That ... that is just so delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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