Would You Pay $50,000 For This NES Game?

The NTSC version of Stadium Events is universally acknowledged as one of the rarest NES games ever produced. Now a factory sealed version of it has appeared on eBay. You can totally buy it! There's only one catch — it costs $50,000.

Stadium Events was initially released as part of the Family Fun Fitness brand for the NES, but had an extremely limited release — hence the $50,000 valuation. Some folks have copies of the game, but a factory sealed copy? That's apparently a pretty big deal.

Only 2000 NTSC copies of the game were released, of which only 200 actually reached consumers. Most people believe that there are only 20 of these games currently in existence. Of this 20, only two are known to be factory sealed.

The last time a copy of Stadium Events went up on eBay it became the most expensive game in recorded history, selling for $22,800. Would someone actually pay $50,000 for it? Apparently in 2010 someone bid over $41,000 for one of the copies, a bid that was later retracted, so there is a chance.

As idiotic as it sounds to pay $50,000 for a game, you could consider it a smart investment, similar to buying a costly piece of art. The value of a factory sealed copy of Stadium Events can only rise. Maybe it is worth it after all? So far 16 bids have been made for the game, and they've all been declined. Maybe someone should make him an offer?

Thanks for the tip Jesse!


    I hope Pat buys it!

    I mean, I wouldn't buy it - if I had 50 grand there's a couple of places it'd be going other than this. But if there's really only 20 copies of the game left, and 2 of them are factory sealed, this is a brilliant investment.

    Let's all chip in to buy it for the Angry Video Game Nerd.

      That's an interesting thing to say. Do you know something about this? The $50,000? And the Stadium Events? The Polo Lounge? I'm looking for how it moved from Saturday night to this place, right here. You probably don't know nothing about that, and I'm not saying you do, Sir. Much obliged.

    $50, 000?? The same amount last seen in David Jaffe's white Chevy convertible. This is really something. That's some kind of coincidence, Sir. Stadium . . . Events. I'm going to write that down. I'm sure it's not nothing - just runnin' an angle on all these things.
    Just one more thing - I heard someone say once: "You paint enough pictures and maybe just once you paint the Mona Lisa." But maybe you don't; maybe you go all your life and never paint the Mona Lisa. I don't have not point of view about that. Much obliged.

      Shut up

      Dude, stop saying ''that's an interesting thing to say'' You keep saying it, makes you sound like a foreigner with bad Eglish.

      Who are you supposed to be anyway?

    Buy it and open it.

    Troll all of the collectors... most expensive troll ever.

      If only I were rich :(

    Does it blend?

      This made me chuckle maniacally and wring my hands together like Doctor Evil.

    Wow, I actually have an NTSC copy of Stadium Events at home, didn't realise it's selling for this much these days. Mine wouldn't be worth anywhere near that much though as it's only the cart.

      My cousins have the game AND the placemat

      It is SO fun. It is an incredibly unique experience i tell you, very fun.

    You can get it for $30k on Ozgameshop.

      Kotaku needs a like button for the above comment

    What to do what to do? One $50k copy of Stadium Events or or 50,000 $1 copies of Tengen Pac Man?

    This sounds like Michael Jackson.... lol

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