Xbox Live Service Buckling Under Weight Of New Dashboard

After a slight delay, the new Xbox Dashboard has begun rolling out to 360 owners around the world. Or, well, it would be, if Xbox Live wasn't down for many of them. So be patient!

Those of us at Kotaku still awake can't connect to Xbox Live at all, and Microsoft's support website carries a ton of service alerts for the platform, the most important being a warning that users "may" experience difficulties doing the following:

Signing into Xbox LIVE from an Xbox console

Signing into Games for Windows — LIVE on a PC

Signing into Xbox LIVE from

Signing into the Xbox LIVE forums

So, yeah, the four most important things on Xbox Live.

The outages are most like just a temporary thing caused by millions of people trying to download the new dash all at once, so if you can't get the new dash (or play online), give it 10-15 minutes and try again.


    I just downloaded the new dashboard but the connection then failed after the Xbox rebooted. Currently it's failing to install the kinetic update and I cannot connect to xbox live.

    So I have the new look dashboard, but no additional kinetic support, and no Xbox live connection.

      Kinect update just downloaded for me. The voice navigation is pretty cool and works well!

      Xbox live is now working for me too.

      Same problem, except I couldn't give a stuff about Kinect. What I do care about is the limbo status of my console has broken Skyrim.

    Took me a little while to reconnect to Live, but it's working well here.

    Well Played Microsoft. Well Played

    Is this that update thats going to cause early model consoles to stop reading discs?

    My xbox wont even load the dashboard after the update - it just freezes after the logo. Good times.

    Lol you knoe this multiplied by 30 is how the SWTOR launch will be. all the people un australia and other places that arnt supposed to be playing on 20th VIVA LA CRASH EA SERVERS just like in BF1943 arcade game we had that down for a week

    Wheres the TV shit?

      In America. That being said, I can't even find the (4?) Australian ones.

    The dashboard seems much snappier, good to see a web browser finally inbuilt into the 360 (well, Bing search anyway, untested as far as Browser goes)

    I can't copy my ME2 save games to the Cloud, which sucks balls. I'm sure I could do it if I load the game, but that's effort and I'd rather just copy from storage.

    I also thought Australians were getting Youtube with this update? no biggie if we don't I just can't see it

      I can't find youtube either but there was some mention of a few features being rolled out across the month, hopefully it'll just show in the app marketplace & be able to download it normally

      Hm, I got my ME2 saves to move first try. Maybe try loading it like you said.

    well so far most of the voice commands work, i cant get bing to search anything at the moment via my voice

    So many ads ahhhh!

    @corey Voice bing search only works in some countries, Aus isn't one of them yet

    @all youtube, iview, sbs, ninemsn apps arem't yet available, and due later this month or early next year. dailymotion should be available now

    righto, thanks for the info sjb

    Maybe if it didn't kick everyone offline simultaneously to enforce this shit update it wouldn't happen. Honestly I think this new dash is a joke. Filled with crappy, novelty Kinect crap that a small number of people actually own and even smaller actually care about.

      Disagree here, I greatly disliked the sluggish previous one, and this one appears to be much 'zippier'. I think once you memorise where to find everything it'll get better. Something which has helped my transition tremendously it that the Guide button still works the same, and is by far the quickest way to access your videos etc.

    Hope it doesn't go too far with the bright saturated colours. I love my plasma, and I never trusted leaving the old dashboard on screen for more than a minute or so.

    I'm not too keen on how all the demos are lumped together. Maybe I missed it (I do that sometimes), is there a way to only look at arcade games or only retail demos?

    New dash looks great and yes the voice controls work even (scarily) for the kids, question is Where's YouTube, iView etc?

    Ugh the new dash is the most cluttered and badly designed monster of a thing i've used in a long time. Why is an ad for the green lantern the biggest damn thing on my home screen? Who designed this crap?

      Yeah the ads are pretty intense. I think we have to learn what squares to ignore.

    Is the new update available to download yet for those of us that cant connect their xbox to the internet. I know how to download the zip file from the site but last i checked it was still the file from the last update they had.

    i'm loving the new dash at the moment. fits in nicely with the whole win phone win 7/8 experience. well done ms. only wish people would stop bitching about every little thing that goes wrong. spoiled pricks people are these days.

    Dang, I can't even connect to xbox live to fully test out the dash.... keeps saying connection problem even though i was using live 5 minutes ago....=(

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