Xbox Live's UFC Pay-Per-View Support Arrives Dec. 20

Announced back in September, pay-per-view fights in the mixed martial arts UFC series will be available Dec, 20 via Xbox Live, Microsoft said today.

Fights will be served through an application that becomes available on that date; the events themselves are not free, an account-holder must still purchase it. However, when viewing them on Xbox Live, users can control playback with Kinect (if they have it). Gold users can can communicate with other viewers in their friends list and offer no-stakes wagers on the outcome of the game if they feel like it.

UFC 141, on Dec. 30, is the first event viewers may see via Xbox Live. Gold subscribers can see videos of the event's weigh-ins and other supplementary videos.

UFC on Xbox Live delayed to Dec. 20 [Joystiq]


    I bet anyone $10 we do not get this in Australia...

    but its on kotaku .au so it must be in au?

      There isn't an Australian flag next to the writer's name, hence it is not an Australian article.

    Yeah LOL I'll pass on the $55 PPV thanks.

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