You Cannot Eat This Nintendo 3DS. Sorry.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater is coming to the Nintendo 3DS as Snake Eater 3D. To mark the occasion, the game is getting a very special Nintendo 3DS. Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima provided a first sneak peek.

According to Kojima, this is the first snakeskin embossed Nintendo 3DS. Of course, it's not covered with actual snake, but rather, covered in a scaly shell.

Expect more details, including pricing, to slither out on Jan. 20.

「MGSスネークイーター3D」オリジナル特製ニンテンドー3DS [Twitter]



      They have to, or the 3D doesn't work lol.

    I managed to grab myself a special 'Zelda edition' 3DS OoT bundle and it made me very happy to pop that bad boy out of its cardboard and plastic wrappings... I'm just going to have to cuddle it and try to pretend I don't want whatever MGS3-themed 3DS they roll out...

    It'll be hard, but I think I'll make it...

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