You Can’t Un-Launch A Crappy Game… Oh Wait, You Can

You Can’t Un-Launch A Crappy Game… Oh Wait, You Can

GlitchKatamari Damacylaunched with a ton of promise

Wonderfully, that’s the term they’re actually using, dragging Glitch back into beta with a promise to make fundamental changes to the core of the game.

It’ll remain open to players 24/7, and the team promise that new content will keep coming, it’s just that it’ll carry the term “beta” while the big changes are made, and will be re-launched sometime in the future.

Gutsy move, but it’s one more games should make! Better to get things right second time around than never get them right at all.

The Big Unlaunching [Glitch]


  • Makes sense – I dedicated a lot of time to it in the first two weeks, getting new skills and stuff. Then I realised that there really wasn’t anything at the end to use my skills for – other than continuing to level up…

  • I was a beta tester and found several problems. I told them to fix it but I was pretty much ignored. D= When it launched I stopped bothering.

  • Looks like what Final Fantasy XIV should be doing, going on its reputation at least. More developers need to be brave enough to go “mea culpa” and admit when mistakes are made.

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