You First Proper Look At A Valve Action Figure

Valve action figures. Based on Half-life, Team Fortress, Portal and Left 4 Dead. It was amazing news back in June, but since then, all we've seen is teases. Nothing final. That changes today.

Figure maker NECA took the wraps off the first Left 4 Dead action figure, the Boomer, which isn't due until well into 2012. NECA's figures can be pretty hit-and-miss when it comes to things like proportions and joints, so it's good to see him looking spot-on.

In addition to the Boomer shots, NECA also showed off a prototype image of a Smoker zombie, which is looking just as good.

Valve's Left 4 Dead Boomer — 1st Full-Color Pic Out! [NECA, thanks John!]







              gets out rifle and shoots it..... AWESOME


    If you press his belly does he make sounds?...Glub glub.

    Oh they made a Gabe action figure? Cool, one of his better cameos in a game.

    I'd like a lab-coat Gordon Freeman. Everyone knows what he's about in a hazmat suit and shotgun, but in a lab coat everything looks normal. He can sit on my desk and my non-gaming workmates can be ignorant of his potential but I'll know. I'll know.

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