Your Inside Peek At Akihabara's Most Famous Retro Game Shop

Two of my favourite Tokyo people, CheapyD of CheapAssGamer fame and Scott Popular of Scott Popular fame, provide an inside look at iconic retro game shop Super Potato.

Nice cinematography and soothing tunes accompany the two gents as they make their retro gaming crawl.



    I was there earlier in the year. Worth the adventure, not that expensive either (unless you just have to have the mint in the plastic rarities.)

    Actually, game shopping over there was pretty cheap generally and any retro collector has to visit a Hard Off store at least once.

    PS - JAL let you take two suitcases each on economy tickets.

    I've been to the Akiba store and also the one in Den Den Town, you can spend a long time there just browsing through the games. Seeing those SNES RPGs stacked next to each other warms my heart. Definitely worth checking out.

    I go there once every few months if for no other reason than to sit on the throne made of NES cartridges.

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