Zelda Gets An 80s Make-over

While it may be a bit late to put in online orders for Christmas presents, these tees could still make for a great post-Christmas gift idea. We stumbled upon We Love Fine over the weekend and knew we had to share their 80s-inspired gaming tees.

All their t-shirts come in at around $25, they ship worldwide, and they have a fantastic range of 80s-styled tees, art nouveau designs, and pixellated characters from Star Wars, Sesame Street, X-men, Scott Pilgrim, and Sailor Moon. Their design categories include "Pixel Art", "Steampunk", and "I Love My Hair".

[We Love Fine]


    Those Zelda ones are kinda gross. I dig the Ernie one though.

    It takes courage to love a horse

    Zelda one is sooooooooo UGLY!

    Iron man one would be nice on a diff color tee, though

      That was the 80s -check out the cover of Rio by Duran Duran to see where the inspiration came from

    The Zelda ones are based on the style of Patrick Nagel, who was big in the 1980's. I'm old enough to care and like!

    They have some really great design's on their site, but the postage costs to Australia are disappointing.

    This is just too weird. I can't imagine a world where Zelda existed in the 80s.

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